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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle

Deputies Seize Ten Horses on Iuka Road in Southeastern Baxter County


     Baxter County Deputies and Investigators seized ten (10) horses from property on CR 213 (also known as Iuka Road) Southeast of Mountain Home late Thursday evening.

     On June 30, 2011, at approximately 4 pm, the Baxter County Sheriff's Office received word from a concerned citizen that there were several dogs, cats and possibly four (4) horses there were not being cared for at a residence on CR 213. (The address is a Calico Rock address, but the property is located in Baxter County) Deputy Sgt. Ken Grayham and Investigator Drayton McDaniel responded and found several dogs and cats running loose along with three (3) dogs chained up. They also discovered nine (9) horses in very bad condition. The nine (9) horses were in five (5) makeshift corrals. There was a small amount of water for two (2) of the horses, but no water for the other seven (7) and no grain or hay present for any of the horses. The corrals were entirely dirt with no grass. One of the horses was observed eating its own excrements.

     Authorities could find no running water on the property. The Rodney Volunteer Fire Department was contacted to assist and Firemen brought water tankers and provided water for all of the animals.

     Judge Van Gearhart signed a search warrant and it was executed on the property at 7:55 pm. After documenting, photographing and collecting of evidence, a total of ten (10) horses were seized. The tenth horse was located behind a barn across the roadway, in an approximate ten foot by ten foot area covered in its own feces. Animal Control Officers from Baxter County responded and collected six stray dogs and cats there were running around the property.

     During the course of the investigation, it was determined that the horses were owned by tenants of the property, Roy Charles Parker, age 38 and his wife Brenda Lou Parker, age 51. It was also learned that Roy Parker had been charged approximately two years prior in Izard County for animal cruelty. That case involved horses as well. Roy Parker admitted to authorities that six of the ten horses were from the previous Izard County case.

     At approximately 10:20 pm, the last of the horses were loaded on a trailer and they were moved to a secure location. The worst cases were examined by a licensed veterinarian with the rest to be examined on Friday. After the veterinarian submits their report, the case evidence will be reviewed by Investigators and the Prosecutor to determine the appropriate charges.

     The Sheriff's Office wishes to extend our gratitude to the Rodney Volunteer Fire Department for their assistance and for providing water, and to Desiree Bender, Arkansas Director of the Humane Society of the United States for providing consulting and arranging for transportation and care for the horses.

     Anyone who wishes to assist with the care of the horses may drop off monetary donations to the Sheriff's Office. Please specify on the check or envelope that the money is designated for the care of the seized horses.

Sheriff John Montgomery