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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle



     As of 3:00 PM today, the U. S. Army Corp of Engineers opened flood gate spillways at the Bull Shoals Dam to 1 ½ feet.  This, in addition to discharge from the generators, is putting 46,000 cubic feet per second of water, the equivalent of sixteen (16) generators worth, downstream on the White River.  This is double the amount of water normally discharged at maximum power generation utilizing all units.  This is an unprecedented discharge of water, and the full effects will not be known for several hours or longer.

     The Sheriff’s Office helicopter was launched late this afternoon to observe the water discharge from the dam, river water levels, and any flooding damage that is occurring.  Earlier this afternoon, Sheriff’s deputies went door to door handing out an information and warning notice flyer at homes in residential areas along the White River that are expected to be affected by the flooding.

    Additional information is available in the attached PDF file.

    Persons residing in affected areas should consider seeking shelter at a safe location now.  People choosing to stay at home should pay very close attention to rising water levels.  If it becomes necessary to leave, they should do so before exit or escape routes are blocked by flooded roadways, which can be particularly hazardous. 

     The Sheriff’s Office will continue monitoring the situation throughout the evening and into tomorrow. 

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff