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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle



     Charges of filing a false report have been brought against a rural Mountain Home man following a joint criminal investigation that began on March 7th.  A Wildlife Officer with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission was contacted by a civilian and told he had information that a murder may have occurred in Baxter County the day before, on March 6th.  The Game and Fish Office contacted the Arkansas State Police and an investigation into the report was commenced.  The Sheriff’s Office was later notified, and all agencies were involved in the investigation.

     A suspect was developed by investigators, and he was located and interviewed about the report.  The suspect initially told investigators he had shot and killed another man at an altercation at a residence in Baxter County on March 6th.  The suspect then stated he had loaded the purported victim into an automobile and dumped the body along a Baxter County Road. 

     As the investigation continued, the suspect ultimately admitted that he had lied to the complaining party and been lying to investigators all along.  He stated that the events he initially alleged to have occurred did not, in fact, occur and were false.  The incident has been thoroughly investigated, and authorities are confident that no such homicide actually occurred.

     Six officers were involved in the joint investigation, and they expended sixty-three man hours, the cost of which exceeded $500.00. 

     DOUGLAS JAMES JARRETT, 61 years old of rural Mountain Home, was charged with FILING A FALSE REPORT WITH LAW ENFORCEMENT, which is Class D Felony.  JARRETT has been incarcerated in the Baxter County Detention Center with bond set at $10,000.  He will appear in Circuit Court on March 10th.


/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff