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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle



     Baxter County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested two people early this morning in connection with a commercial burglary at the Old School House Antiques in Midway at 7226 Hwy 126 North and other reported crimes. 

     At approximately 3:07 AM, the Sheriff’s Office was notified of an alarm at the building.  The owners arrived shortly thereafter, before a deputy arrived, and informed the Sheriff’s Office that the doors were locked and the building secure.  The business had previously been burglarized on January 8th. 

     A second alarm notification was received at 5:27 AM from the same location.  This time, responding personnel found that the back door had been pried open and some jewelry and other items stolen from inside.  Deputies also found tracks in the snow leading away from the building in the direction of the nearby mobile home park. 

     Deputies followed the tracks to an apartment on the grounds of the Midway Oaks mobile home park.  Deputies and Investigators found a pry bar outside the apartment, then knocked on the door.  They made contact with a woman, with a man by the name of DAVID SAUNDERS, and with a male juvenile.  Although Saunders denied involvement in the burglary, Investigators matched Saunders’ shoe prints to the track prints left behind in the snow.  The woman at the residence gave Investigators consent to search the apartment.  During the search, Investigators found antique costume jewelry that had been stolen on two occasions from the Old School House Antiques, stolen knives, and bolt cutters.  The value of these items is undetermined at present.  In addition, stainless steel and aluminum scrap metal were found that had been stolen during burglaries at T. I. Trailers and Mountain Home Manufacturing.  The same shoe prints were found in the snow outside at least one of these businesses. 

     Investigators also received consent to search SAUNDER’s vehicle.  In the trunk, they found 49 pieces of fabricated stainless steel for use in power plants, valued at $4,000, that had previously been stolen from Mountain Home Manufacturing.

     Evidence also existed, including a second set of shoe prints in the snow, to implicate the 16 year old juvenile as being involved in the crimes.

     DAVID JOE SAUNDERS, 22 years old of Midway, was transported to the Baxter County Detention Center, where his conduct created a disturbance that served to interfere with the operation of the facility.  He was charged with:

                                    Commercial Burglary – 4 counts – Felonies
                                    Theft of Property – 2 counts – Felonies
                                    Theft of Property – 2 counts – Misdemeanors
                                    Impairing the Operations of a Vital Public Facility – Misdemeanor
                                    Failure to Appear in Court – Misdemeanor – Cotter PD Warrant

     SAUNDERS’ bond from a previous arrest was also revoked.  Bond on the current charges is set at $50,000.  He will appear in Baxter County Circuit Court on a later date.

     The 16 year old juvenile was taken into custody and later transferred to control of Baxter County Juvenile Services.


/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff