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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle

Registered Sex Offender Arrested After Lying to Authorities


December 17, 2010

     On Wednesday, December 15, a subject came to the Baxter County Sheriff's Office on December 15 to register as a Sex Offender. The subject filled out the paperwork and stated he was living at a mobile home in the Midway area. Deputies attempted to verify the residency on the 15th. The person living at the residence told deputies the sex offender was living there. Deputies again went to the residence and attempted to verify the residency on the 16th, but were unsuccessful. Today, the Baxter County Sheriff's received a tip from a concerned citizen that the suspect was not living at the address he had listed.

     The person at the residence was brought in and questioned and admitted to Sheriff's Deputies that he had been asked by the suspect to lie to authorities that the suspect was living with him. The suspect, Kenneth Martin,  was questioning again today and finally admitted he had lied to Authorities.

Kenneth Daniel Martin, age 44 was arrested and charged with:

Failure to comply with sex offender registration        Class C Felony

     Kenneth Martin is currently being held in the Baxter County Detention Center on bond of $15,000. He is scheduled in Baxter County Circuit Court on January 6, 2010.

     Kenneth Martin was convicted in Sacramento, California County Court in 1998 for "Rape by Force/Fear" of a 15 year old.

     We appreciate the citizens for partnering with us to help keep Baxter County a wonderful place to live.

Sheriff John Montgomery