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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle

Man Held on $250,000 Bond After Assault on His Wife With an Axe


     October 26, 2009 at approximately 4:10 pm, 911 received a call of a domestic disturbance in progress with injuries on CR 46, in the Henderson, Arkansas area.. A short time later, a 2nd 911 call was received from the victim stating she and her children had managed to escape but needed medical attention.

     The victim drove her vehicle to the intersection of CR 46 and US Hwy 62 where she met with Sheriff's Deputies and ambulance personnel from Baxter Regional Medical Center. Both the victim, 41 Year old Elizabeth Ann Marshall, and her 9 year old son were transported by ambulance for injuries received during the altercation.

     Corporal Mike Holland and Deputy Mike Day responded to the residence and made contact with the suspect, 29 year old Jason Thomas Marshall, the husband and father of the victims. After further investigation the deputies attempted to place Mr. Marshall under arrest. Mr. Marshall attempted to fight the officers and after a brief struggle, they used a Taser to subdue the subject. Mr. Marshall was transported to the Baxter County Detention Center.

     At the Detention Center, Mr. Marshall continued to be combative, causing damage to the booking area of the jail before he was placed in a holding cell in restraints.

     Based upon statements and physical evidence found at he scene, Officers were able to determine that after an argument broke out between Jason Marshall and his wife, Mr. Marshall became violent striking his wife in the arms, head, back and pelvic areas. The 9 year old son came to the rescue of his mother, trying to stop him from hitting his mother. Jason Marshall threw the by to the gournd then picked the child up and slammed his head against the wall.

     Elizabeth Marshall, her 9 year old son and her 16 year old daughter, managed to escape out of the house and to her vehicle outside. Jason Marshall followed, picked up an axe and swung it at Ms. Marshall, barely missing her and striking the vehicle. The force was such it left a large impact area on the car.

Jason Thomas Marshall, age 29 is charged with:

Domestic Battery 3rd Degree Class A Misdemeanor
Domestic Battery 1st Degree Class B Felony
Aggravated Assault on Family Member Class D Felony
Resisting Arrest Class A Misdemeanor
Impairing the Operations of a Vital Facility Class A Misdemeanor
Habitual Offender

     Mr. Marshall is being charged as a Habitual Offender because of numerous past felony convictions. He has served time in the Arkansas Department of Corrections because of a previous conviction of Aggravated Assault on his wife when he attacked her with a knife.  He is currently on parole.

Jason Thomas Marshall is being held on $250,000 bond.

The Henderson Fire Department also assisted at the scene.

Sheriff John Montgomery