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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle



     The Sheriff's Office now has a full time opening for Animal Control Warden at the Baxter County Animal Shelter.

     This position is primarily responsible for the management, care, and maintenance of dogs and cats that have been placed in the Baxter County Animal Shelter after being seized by law enforcement officers or that have been picked up as strays by the Animal Warden in accordance with county ordinances.  The Animal Warden will have daily interaction with law enforcement officers and government officials, as well as members of the public.  

     Starting pay is $17.50 per hour, but can be increased if the applicant has prior experience in this area of work.  All county benefits are applicable for the position.  These include paid vacation, paid holidays, paid insurance (health, dental, vision, life), accrued paid sick leave, and participation in a state retirement system for county government employees.  The position is scheduled to work 12 hours shifts, alternating days off with the other Animal Warden.  

     A complete job description is available at the Sheriff's Administration Offices during normal business office hours.  The position will remain open until filled by the Sheriff.

Sheriff John Montgomery