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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle



     The Sheriff's Office has taken several reports of counterfeit currency being passed at local businesses in Baxter County.  In particular, counterfeit $100 bills and counterfeit $10 bills have been passed.

     Some of these bills have Chinese writing on them.  Some say "For Motion Picture Use" on the face.  Others have Russian words printed on the face and back, while some of them do not have serial numbers on them.

phony 1.jpg

     These have been passed and accepted at various businesses in the area, and several of them were found on the ground along Cannie Baker Road.  

phony 2.jpg

      Persons handling cash should examine these types of bills closely before accepting them.  Any counterfeit bills that are inadvertently accepted or attempted to be used should be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

Baxter County Sheriff's Office