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missing poster for Haley Shell

     The investigation into the missing juvenile from Gassville, 15 year old HALEY SHELL, is continuing.  The Baxter County Sheriff's Office and the Gassville Police Department wants the public to continue being aware that this young lady is still missing and asks that members of the public remain alert for her and for any information as to her potential whereabouts.

     HALEY SHELL was last seen in Gassville on Friday, October 1, 2021 and was reported as missing to the Gassville Police Department.  She was entered and listed as missing with the National Crime Information Center and with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Haley Shell

     Since that time, the Sheriff's Office and the Gassville Police have been working jointly, assisted by the Arkansas State Police and the United States Marshals Office, to investigate HALEY SHELL'S disappearance.  Hundreds of manhours have been spent following up on leads and tips, and multiple interviews have been conducted.  Many search warrants and subpoenas have been issued and served on residence(s), cellular phones, other electronic devices, email accounts, and social media accounts, searching for any evidence or clues as to the circumstances of HALEY SHELL'S disappearance and current whereabouts. 

     At the request of the Sheriff's Office, the Arkansas State Police has also issued a "Silver Alert" for HALEY SHELL.

     Law enforcement is again asking the public to contact us with any information they may have regarding this missing juvenile.   By agreement between the two primary agencies, the Baxter County Sheriff's Office has now been designated as the point of contact for tips and information, which will then be disseminated to the Gassville Police and other law enforcement agencies as needed.

     In addition to the regular Sheriff's Office phone numbers, information can be provided to the Sheriff's Office and Gassville Police via the Sheriff's Office tip phone line (870) 424-4636 (INFO) or anonymously through the tip form on our website at:

         Tips and information may also be sent via email to the Baxter County Sheriff's Investigation Division at:


Baxter County Sheriff John Montgomery
Gassville Police Chief Tim Mayfield