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halloween trick or treat graphic

    With Halloween arriving this coming weekend, the Sheriff's Office would like to offer the following advice and safety tips for those who will be out in the neighborhoods trick-or-treating on Sunday evening, October 31st.  Trick-or-Treaters are usually out in the neighborhoods from around 5:00 PM till 9:00 PM on Halloween night, although the times are not regulated.

* Children out trick-or-treating should stay on the sidewalk or path when walking from house to house.  If there is no sidewalk, walk beside the road facing traffic so oncoming traffic can be seen.

*Wear flame retardant costumes.

*Apply reflective tape to costumes.

*Make sure costumes are not too long so they don't present a trip hazard.

*It is unsafe to wear masks that significantly block or impair normal vision.

*Carry a flashlight with fresh batteries after dark.

*It is best to trick or treat in groups or with an adult.

*Never enter a house unless you know the people.

*Most homes participating in trick-or-treating will have the porch light on.  Avoid homes that are dark.

*Watch for trip hazards in yards, driveways, and walkways, such as extension cords, props, and decorations.

*Do not eat any candy until it has been inspected by the parents.

*If children are trick-or-treating without adult supervision, the parents should know the routes and neighborhoods the children will be taking and walking in.

*It is not safe to cross the roadway from between parked cars or other obstacles.  It is much safer to cross at intersections, crosswalks, or street corners.

*Motorists should drive slow when in residential neighborhoods and carefully watch for children in the street or crossing the street.

*Any suspicious activity or incidents should be immediately reported to your local law enforcement agency.

All of us at the Sheriff's Office hope everyone participating has a safe and fun Halloween this year.

Baxter County Sheriff's Office