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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle



John Leroy Lewis
John Leroy Lewis
(file photo)
illicit drugs motorcycle
patrol car

     The Sheriff's Office has arrested a fugitive from justice, 54 year old JOHN LEROY LEWIS of Jordan, after being called to a suspicious person complaint on Friday, November 27th in the Jordan area.

     Sheriff's Deputies Sebastian Dennis and Craig Kocka responded to the complaint on Edgehill Lane.  Once in the area, Deputy Kocka observed a man on a motorcycle who he recognized to be JOHN LEROY LEWIS, a person with outstanding warrants for failure to appear in court.  Deputy Kocka attempted to make contact with LEWIS, but LEWiS abruptly accelerated away on his motorcycle in the direction of Deputy Dennis' patrol car.  LEWIS on his motorcycle ran into the front of Deputy Dennis' patrol car, resulting in an injury accident.  LEWiS suffered incapacitating injuries from the accident and was transported to Baxter Regional Medical Center by ambulance.  Deputy Dennis was not injured, and the patrol car remained operational.   The accident portion of this incident was worked by the Arkansas State Police.

     After LEWIS was apprehended, he was searched.  Two articles of drug paraphernalia, syringes used to inject methamphetamine, were found on his person and seized as evidence.  A review of LEWIS' criminal history revealed he has been convicted of multiple felonies and is thus a habitual offender.

     JOHN LEROY LEWIS remains at Baxter Regional Medical Center.  In addition to the outstanding fail to appear warrants, he is also being charged with Fleeing by Vehicle, a Felony, and with Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, also a felony.  He will be taken to the Detention Center upon his release and appear before the Circuit Court to answer at a later date.

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff