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Joshua Theobald
Joshua Theobald

     A Baxter County man was arrested on a multitude of charges after deputies responded to a prowler call on U. S. Highway 62 West.  At approximately  2:06 AM this morning, November 1st, the Sheriff's Office received a report from a surveillance company of a prowler trespassing on the property of Great Escapes RV at 5750 Hwy 62 West.  Deputies responded and were directed to a white Montana camper.  Deputies did not find anyone in the camper at that time, however they did find personal belongings including a phone and clothing.  The inside of the camper had been dirtied up by the suspect and will have to be cleaned and sanitized.

     At 5:36 AM, a second call from the security surveillance company was received by the Sheriff's Office.  They advised that the male prowler from the earlier call was back on the property and had just entered another RV on the West end of the parking lot.

     Deputies began searching RVs in that area, and they found a man inside one of them.  He was identified as 29 year old JOSHUA RAY THEOBALD of Gassville.  THEOBALD was sitting in a chair in the kitchen area and had the oven turned on for a heat source.    Deputies instructed THEOBALD to come outside, which he did after telling deputies he had drug paraphernalia in his hand.  THEOBALD also admitted to having methamphetamine in his pocket along with a glass smoking device.  The methamphetamine later weighed out at approximately 1.1 grams.  Deputies asked THEOBALD if the clothing and phone found previously in the other RV were his, and he admitted that they were.  Deputies were informed also that THEOBALD had an outstanding arrest warrant from the Mountain Home Police Department on some previous charges.

     JOSHUA THEOBALD was arrested and taken into custody.  He was transported to the Baxter County Detention Center where he was booked on Sheriff's Office charges of:

Breaking or Entering (2 counts) - Felonies
Possession of Controlled Substance (methamphetamine) - Felony
Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (2 counts) - Felonies
Criminal Trespass (2 counts) - Misdemeanor
Criminal Mischief (2 counts) - Misdemeanors
MHPD Outstanding Warrant

     JOSHUA THEOBALD has a bond of $15,000 on these new Baxter County charges.  He also has a bond of $5,000 on separate MHPD charges.  He will appear before the Circuit Court to answer them later this month.   Documentation indicates he has been booked into the Baxter County Detention Center twelve times previously.

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff