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     The Baxter County Sheriff's Office is seeking applications for the position of Part Time Investigator in the Criminal Investigation Division.  The person selected for this position would work 24 hours per week at a rate of pay agreed upon with the Sheriff.  The person chosen for this position will work closely with other investigators and deputies with the Sheriff's Office and other area law enforcement agencies. 

     Applicants will need to be either active or retired fully certified law enforcement officers in Arkansas or able to transfer current or past full time certification from another state to Arkansas.  Retired applicants or those with previous full time law enforcement experience interested in this part time position can only have been  out of law enforcement for less than seven (7) years to be able to have their certification renewed with the Arkansas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Training Office (CLEST) with the required refresher training.

     Applicants with prior experience and training in criminal investigation work are preferred.  Uniforms and equipment will be provided, however county fringe benefits are not offered or provided to part time employees. 

     An application for employment and a copy of the job description for criminal investigator can be obtained from the Sheriff's Administration Offices during normal office hours.      Completed applications need to be submitted to the Sheriff's Office by 4:30 PM on October 30th to be considered.

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff