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Ray Alvin Wyckoff
Ray Alvin Wyckoff

     A Baxter County man, 79 year old ALVIN RAY WYCKOFF of the Hand Cove area, surrendered himself today at the Baxter County Detention Center on a warrant that had been issued for his arrest following an investigation into an incident that occurred on August 31, 2020.

     Deputies were dispatched on that date to 28 Cedar Court on an assault complaint.  The complainants told deputies they were doing yard work at their home when a truck stopped in the middle of the roadway next to their residence.  They asked the man driving if they could help him.  The driver became belligerent with these people and said to one of them "why don't you hit me.  I have a gun.  I'm here to shoot you."  Other words were exchanged between them as well.

     The couple attempted to walk away by walking in front of the truck, but the driver pulled forward in an attempt to block their path.  The couple then walked around the back of the truck, with the driver, ALVIN WYCKOFF, exiting the truck and following them.  Another verbal confrontation occurred that led to a physical altercation.  The couple stated that WYCKOFF reached behind his right hip and pulled out a holstered pistol.  WYCKOFF then drew the pistol from the holster and again told the male victim he was going to shoot him.  When this occurred, the male victim closed the distance to WYCKOFF and was struck in the mouth by WYCKOFF.  The male victim then disarmed WYCKOFF, and in so doing WYCKOFF was injured himself. Both of them were treated on scene by EMS.

     The male victim and his wife then walked away from WYCKOFF and waited for law enforcement, which had already been called, to arrive.  WYCKOFF gave a different version of events, however upon later viewing video footage from the couple's home security system it was determined that the victims' version was accurate.

    Sheriff's Investigators applied for a warrant on September 2nd for the arrest of ALVIN RAY WYCKOFF.  The warrant was subsequently issued, and ALVIN RAY WYCKOFF was booked in the Detention Center on charges of:

Aggravated Assault (2 counts) - Felonies
Terroristic Threatening (2 counts) - Felonies
Battery in the Third Degree - Misdemeanor
Disorderly Conduct - Misdemeanor

     WYCKOFF was released after posting $15,000 bond, and he will appear before the Circuit Court to answer on September 17th.

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff