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Tasheena Marie Lumley Bartelli
Tasheena Marie Lumley Bartelli

     TASHEENA MARIE LUMLEY BARTELLI of Briarcliff, formerly of Conway, surrendered herself at the Baxter County Detention Center Thursday afternoon, May 28th, on an outstanding bench warrant that had been issued for her arrest on March 3rd on Aggravated Robbery and other charges.

     The warrant had been issued following an investigation into an incident that occurred on October 8, 2019 at the George's Cove recreation area.  A man had come to a residence on Sycamore Springs Road, which is near George's Cove,  yelling for help.  The homeowner called the 9-1-1 center, and deputies were dispatched.

     The man reported that he had been "beat up" at George's Cove approximately an hour earlier and had been trying to find help.  The man told deputies he had received a Facebook message from a woman that he did not know saying that she was going to be in the area for one night.  She wanted to meet some new friends and have a beer.  The man stated he agreed to meet the woman at a Dollar General Store.  From there, they went to the George's Cove recreation area. 

     The man reported that once they stepped out of their vehicles, two men wearing all black and wearing black ski-masks attacked him, hitting him with a metal pipe, and took his cell phone and car keys.  After assaulting him, the man said these people got into a car with the woman and left. The victim had injuries to his face, back, and legs.  He was transported to Baxter Regional Medical Center for treatment.  The man told deputies he did not remember the woman's name from her Facebook profile, but he gave a thorough description of her.

     On the next day, October 9th, the victim accessed Facebook and was able to provide Investigators with a name of the woman who had contacted him, being TASHEENA BARTELLI.  He also provided additional details of the assault.  Investigators were later able to confirm that TASHEENA BARTELLI was in fact in this area on the date in question.

     The suspect, TASHEENA BARTELLI, was found to be the aunt of a victim in another case where the male victim in this case had been identified as a potential suspect.  It is believed that the two cases are connected. 

     Sheriff's Investigators made application for a warrant of arrest for TASHEENA BARTELLI.  This week the Sheriff's Office received a citizen tip indicating that BARTELLI was staying in the Briarcliff area.  Deputies attempted to locate her there, but she was not found.  However, after learning she was being sought, she turned herself in at the Detention Center and was booked on charges of:

Aggravated Robbery - Felony
Battery in the Second Degree - Felony
Theft of Property - Felony
Interference with Emergency Communications - Misdemeanor
Habitual Offender - Penalty Enhancement.

     BARTELLI is being held in lieu of $50,000 bond.  She will appear before the Circuit Court to answer on June 18th.

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff