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Cornbread, The Baxter County Sheriff's Office Cat Passed Away Today


Cornbread the Cat Cornbread the Cat in Mail Basket Cornbread the Cat Get Well Card
Cornbread the Cat in Fluffy Bed Cornbread the Cat on Sheriff Montgomery's Desk Cornbread the Cat on Lt. Bird's Desk
Cornbread the Cat Helping with Payroll Cornbread the Cat in Mail Basket Cornbread the Cat on Front Counter

Cornbread, The Baxter County Sheriff's Office, Office Cat Passed Away Today


Cornbread, a rescue cat who has made the Baxter County Sheriff's Office home for the past 5 ½ years has passed away. Cornbread lived a happy 'spoiled' life and won the hearts of everyone at the Sheriff's Office, even winning the hearts of some who were not initially fond of cats. She brought happiness and cheer and was without a doubt a form of comfort and stress relief to the employees. Cornbread also often walked out to greet the public who seemed to love her as well.  

Cornbread became nationally famous soon after a newspaper story written by Debby Stanuch appeared in the Baxter Bulletin, in March of 2018. (Click on link for Baxter Bulletin News Article 

Soon after this front-page story ran, KY3/KSPR TV from Springfield, Missouri sent News Reporter, Joe Hickman to Arkansas to do a television story on Cornbread.  (Click on link for KY3/KSPR TV News Story ) These stories were picked up by other publications nationwide. Soon after, she became the 'talk of the town' as many people would ask about her when they walked in the door to the Sheriff's Office. Many times, I would be stopped in the local stores just to ask how Cornbread was doing.

Cornbread's care was made possible over the years by donations from employees and generous donations from a few members of the community, and for that we will always be grateful.

Cornbread was buried in a grassy area between two trees she often looked out at from the window. A permanent memorial marker is planned at her gravesite.

While some might not understand the point of this being a press release, knowing this community as I do, I feel this is appropriate to share at this time. We will miss her.

Sheriff John Montgomery