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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle

Baxter Regional Medical Center Launches Hot Line


COVID-19 Flyer

March 20, 2020

Immediate Release


Baxter County Officials have been working diligently with the Health Department, Hospital doctors and personnel and other State and area specialists to be proactive and have plans in place to deal with this nationwide pandemic and be prepared if and when it reaches Baxter County.  

Up to date information concerning this COVID-19 Virus can be found on Baxter Regional Medical Center's Website, . Information can also be found at or 

Baxter Regional Medical Center and area physicians have also partnered together and created a short educational flyer and to set up a hotline to answer questions to those who are concerned that they might have COVID-19 (Coronavirus).   This flyer was designed to help the public do a quick simple screening and to provide phone numbers to area physicians as well as the hot-line number to those who need further assistance.  You can download the flyer by clicking (Here)

We encourage anyone receiving this press release to share this information with friends and neighbors as we have always believed an informed public is a safer public. 

We are Americans and together we will get through this and come out better and stronger than ever before.

Sheriff John Montgomery