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New Jail Expansion Open House Set


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New Jail Expansion Open House


The Baxter County Sheriff's Office will have an open house for new expansion of the Baxter County Detention Center on Saturday, November 2nd from noon until 4 pm.  The open house will be for the new expansion only, the public will not be allowed into the existing detention center.

Detention staff will be on hand to answer questions.  Samples of "Jail Food" consisting of beans and cornbread will also be offered.

The official opening and occupancy of the new addition is expected in the next couple of weeks once final inspections are completed.  Once open, work will begin in parts of the existing detention center to correct plumbing and other issues.  That repair work in the existing detention center is expected to take approximately two months.  During this time, some of the inmates will be moved back and forth between the two parts of the jail. 

Current jail capacity is 100 beds.  When all work on both new and the old detention center is completed the capacity will be 165 beds.

A new lobby on the front entrance of the jail was opened last week.  Inmate visitation resumed this past Monday. The new lobby makes it much more convenient for the public who need interaction with the jail or with deputies after normal business hours.

The Jail expansion project was made possible due to the Baxter County Voters passing a temporary one-cent sales tax that was collected for 6-months.  That tax was collected from April to September of 2018.  The project is still on schedule and on budget.

Sheriff John Montgomery