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Greg Anthony Garreans
Greg Anthony Garreans
Kip Edward Swadley
Kip Edward Swadley

     The Sheriff’s Office arrested two men Thursday morning, September 19th, after deputies responded to a call of armed persons threatening a homeowner at 62 Ben Nevis Drive in Briarcliff.  When deputies arrived at the address they found the homeowner holding two men at gunpoint.  One man was lying in the front yard and the other was lying in the driveway.  A third suspect had fled from the scene before deputies arrived.  The two men being detained were identified as 28 year old KIP EDWARD SWADLEY of rural Mountain Home and 29 year old GREG ANTHONY GARREANS of rural Mountain Home. 

     According to GARREANS, he discovered his AR style rifle missing from his home that morning.  He believed the person who took the rifle, said to be a former house guest, had gone to the residence of another person on Ben Nevis Drive and had the rifle with him at this Briarcliff address.  GARREANS and SWADLEY armed themselves with loaded 12 gauge shotguns with a supply of extra ammunition and went to the Ben Nevis Drive address.  A third person identified only as “Alex” accompanied them to the residence carrying a samurai style sword. 

     The trio arrived at the residence.  GARREANS went to the front door, armed with a shotgun, and SWADLEY stood next to a boat in the driveway, also armed with a shotgun.  The third suspect remained in the street holding the sword. 

     GARREANS knocked on the door asking for the man he believed had stolen his AR rifle.  He was instead met by the homeowner, armed with a handgun, who immediately orders GARREANS to drop his weapon.  GARREANS complied.  The homeowner then disarmed SWADLEY, telling both men to get on the ground.  At that point, the third suspect “Alex” retreated to the vehicle they arrived in and fled the scene, leaving GARREANS and SWADLEY behind. 

     The homeowner told deputies that when he opened the door GARREANS was pointing the shotgun at him, but he quickly convinced GARREANS to drop the shotgun.  The homeowner then called 911 reporting the incident and held GARREANS and SWADLEY at gunpoint until deputies arrived.  Video surveillance footage from a camera system at the residence confirmed the statements given by the homeowner.

     GARREANS and SWADLEY were arrested and taken into custody.  They were transported to the Baxter County Detention Center.  Each of them was booked on one charge of Aggravated Assault, a Class D Felony, and each was given a bond of $10,000.  They both remain in custody in lieu of bond, with an appearance set in Circuit Court for September 26th.  Investigators are still attempting to identify the third suspect referred to only as “Alex”.

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff