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Jayson Lee Cotter
Jayson Lee Cotter

     A 45 year old Baxter County man, JAYSON LEE COTTER, was arrested Wednesday afternoon, July 31st, and charged with felony Theft of Property.  The charge stems from an investigation into a series of complaints received by the Sheriff’s Office and Arkansas Attorney General’s Office from persons from several states who had sent firearms and parts to JAYSON COTTER for repairs or modifications and never received them back.  JAYSON COTTER was conducting business under the name “Investment Grade Firearms”.

     Approximately thirty complaints had been received by the Sheriff’s Office, most within the last 5 or 6 months, but some dating back a number of years.  The victims would report they had entered into agreements with COTTER and had sent firearms or parts to him, usually paying for work up front, but then would never receive the items back.  COTTER would not respond to calls or emails from his customers.  The victims included a police agency in Pennsylvania that sent firearms and parts to COTTER valued at $38,866.  The Sheriff’s Office had previously made contact with JAYSON COTTER to inquire about these complaints and had been told that work was still in progress on the firearms as agreed upon or that the items would be promptly returned to their owners if requested.

     This morning Sheriff’s Investigators, assisted by a federal law enforcement agent, served a search warrant at JAYSON COTTER’S residence East of Mountain Home.  They located and seized a number of firearms and firearm parts, including those described in the reports on file with the Sheriff’s Office.  Investigators could not determine whether or not the actual work that had been agreed upon between the victims and COTTER was ever performed.

     JAYSON LEE COTTER was transported to the Baxter County Detention Center and booked on a single felony charge of Theft of Property.  He was given a bond of $10,000 on this charge.  COTTER is set to appear before the Circuit Court to answer on August 1st.  The investigation is continuing, and additional counts are possible.

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff