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Tina Faye Hollis
Tina Faye Hollis
Brandon Lee Brown
Brandon Lee Brown


     Two people have been arrested for breaking or entering into private boat docks in the Pigeon Creek area of Lake Norfork and stealing items from those docks.

     On May 24th, a citizen reported to the Sheriff’s Office that he had observed a man and a woman with numerous items in the back of their pickup truck, a grey Dodge 1500 pickup, that morning in the Kingswood area of the Pigeon Creek arm of Lake Norfork.  He observed a blue and white ski tube in the truck that he knew belonged to a friend who owned one of the docks.  The complainant briefly spoke with the couple because they were having vehicle issues and needed a jump start.  He provided a physical description of both of them.

     The owner of the dock was made aware of the event and was given the description of the vehicle.  Later in the day, the victim witnessed a vehicle matching the description of that truck go past their home headed toward the dock area, and then called the Sheriff’s Office.

     Sgt. Davis and Deputy Zappa responded to the scene and found the truck.  They made contact with a woman who was identified as 38 year old TINA FAYE HOLLIS of Mountain Home.  Deputies observed items in the back of the truck that appeared to have come from a boat dock such as a ski rope, portable toilet, gas camp grill, vehicle batteries, fishing equipment, a knee board, and other miscellaneous items.  TINA HOLLIS was unable to provide a viable explanation as to where the items came from or how the items ended up in the truck.  Deputies began further searching the area.  They found a man in an inflatable rubber canoe in the water near the victim’s boat dock.  This man was identified as 23 year old BRANDON LEE BROWN of Mountain Home. 

     The original morning caller was contacted to get confirmation of the description of the couple.  He was able to provide photographs of the couple.  HOLLIS and BROWN were positively identified as being the pair he saw earlier in the morning near the dock.  The dock owner was also called to the scene.  He positively identified several of the items in the back of the truck as belonging to him.

     TINA FAYE HOLLIS and BRANDON LEE BROWN were both taken into custody.  They were transported to the Baxter County Detention Center and incarcerated at approximately 6:30 PM May 24th on charges of:

Breaking or Entering  (5 counts) – Felonies
Theft of Property (2 counts) – Misdemeanors

     Both of them remain in custody in lieu of $25,000 each and will appear before the Circuit Court to answer on May 30th.

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff