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Jason Allen Hicks
Jason Allen Hicks

     JASON ALLEN HICKS, 33 years old with a last known address of Conway, Arkansas, has been arrested on an outstanding warrant from the Circuit Court on felony charges related to two commercial burglaries that were reported to the Sheriff’s Office in January.

     On January 24th, the Sheriff’s Office was called to investigate a burglary at Ray’s Flea Market near Gassville.  Upon opening the business that morning, the owner found that entry had been made in the rear of the building.  The exterior metal siding had been cut away and a hole kicked through the sheet rock.  Multiple items were stolen from the business.  Video surveillance inside the building captured images of a suspect wearing a dark color coat, a blue hoodie, one red glove, and a black ski mask.  The suspect used a trash can to carry items from the business.  The trash can, the black ski mask, and some of the stolen property was found in the wood line at the rear of the building.

     On January 29th, a similar burglary was reported by the Dollar General Store in Midway.  Entry had also been made by cutting a hole in the metal siding at the rear of the building.  Video surveillance provided images of the suspect, whose clothing matched that of the previous burglar at Ray’s Flea Market.  This time the suspect was wearing a black Pittsburg Steelers ball cap.  The suspect stole cigarettes from the store.  He dropped the black ball cap outside the building when he left.  Investigators later found a photo of JASON ALLEN HICKS wearing a black Pittsburg Steelers ball cap like the one found at Dollar General Store.  Additional information was also obtained later by Sheriff’s Investigators that pointed to JASON HICKS being the burglar.

     Investigators began checking pawn shop activity through the Leads-On-Line system and found that JASON HICKS had sold a ring on January 25th to a pawn shop in Mountain Home.  This ring was identified as one that had been stolen from Ray’s Flea Market.

     A bench warrant was obtained from the Baxter County Circuit Court for JASON ALLEN HICKS for burglary and theft charges.  The warrant was entered into the NCIC system.  HICKS was arrested in the Little Rock area on this warrant.  He was picked up in Little Rock and transported to the Baxter County Detention Center on Sunday, February 24th, where he was booked on charges of:

Commercial Burglary (2 counts) – Felonies
Theft of Property (2 counts) – Misdemeanors
Criminal Mischief in the First Degree (2 counts) – Felonies
Habitual Offender – Penalty Enhancement

     HICKS has a bond of $50,000 on these charges, and he will appear before the Circuit Court to answer on February 28th.  JASON HICKS has been booked into the Baxter County Detention Center a total of ten times since 2002 on a variety of charges.

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff