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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle





     JAMES JOSEPH McDANIEL, 33 years old of Bull Shoals, was incarcerated in the Baxter County Detention Center today on a felony charge of Terroristic Threatening after he is alleged to have threatened the life of the manager of his former place of employment in Midway.  In addition, he was alleged to have made threats against other persons as well, and also against law enforcement.

     Deputies took the complaint report on Friday morning, November 9th, and began trying to find McDANIEL throughout the day.  Other law enforcement agencies in the surrounding area were also notified to be on the lookout for JAMES McDANIEL, and a Sheriff’s Investigator began the process of trying to procure a warrant for his arrest.  A judge signed a probable cause affidavit on Friday afternoon to approve the issuance of the warrant.

     The Sheriff’s Office was notified today that authorities in neighboring Marion County had located and detained JAMES McDANIEL on the Baxter County charge.  He was subsequently transported to the Baxter County Detention Center where he is currently being held on bond of $25,000.  He will appear in the Baxter County Circuit Court later this week to answer the charge.  McDANIEL was on probation with Arkansas Community Corrections (ACC) at the time of the incident, and ACC has placed a hold on the subject.

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff