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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle



Alicia Nicole Pierce

Mark William Dohrman


     Two Cotter residents were arrested Wednesday afternoon, May 9th, when a team of officers from the Arkansas Department of Community Corrections, the Sheriff’s Office, and other assisting agencies went to 304 Harding Boulevard in Cotter to attempt service of an arrest warrant.

     Officers were searching for 24 year old ALICIA NICOLE PIERCE who had outstanding felony warrants for failing to appear in court.  On arrival at the address, officers encountered 54 year old MARK WILLIAM DOHRMAN and inquired if ALICIA PIERCE was inside the house. DOHRMAN denied that PIERCE was there, but he granted consent to search the residence for her.

     ALICIA PIERCE was found inside the house.  She and DOHRMAN were then arrested and taken into custody.  During a search of DOHRMAN, officers found drug paraphernalia on his person.  The residence was also searched, and officers found additional articles of drug paraphernalia, a small quantity of methamphetamine, a small quantity of marijuana, hydrocodone pills, and a .20 gauge shotgun in the same area.  The hydrocodone belonged to DOHRMAN, and he had transferred possession of the drug to PIERCE, and she had consumed some of it.  This transaction had taken place within proximity to the North Arkansas Youth Center, which constitutes a penalty enhancement.

   ALICIA PIERCE and MARK DOHRMAN were both transported to the Detention Center and booked on charges, as follows:

Both PIERCE and DOHRMAN were charged with:

Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (3 counts) – Felonies
Possession of Controlled Substance (meth) with Purpose to Deliver – Felony
Possession of Controlled Substance  (marijuana) – Misdemeanor
Simultaneous Possession of Drugs and Firearms – Felony
Hindering Apprehension and Prosecution – Felony
Delivery of Controlled Substance – Felony
Proximity to Certain Facilities – Penalty Enhancement

     PIERCE and DOHRMAN both have bonds of $25,000 each on these charges. PIERCE also has two Failure to Appear charges for which no bond has been set.  They will appear before the Baxter County Circuit Court to answer on June 21st.

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff