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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle



Anthony Thomas DeChow


     Sheriff’s Investigators arrested 24 year old ANTHONY THOMAS DECHOW of Mountain Home on Monday afternoon following an investigation into the theft of a motor vehicle.

     On February 17, 2018 at approximately 2:30 PM, the Sheriff’s Office took a report from a person residing on Baxter CR 30 that his 2009 GMC Denali pickup truck had been stolen.  Several hours earlier that morning, the Sheriff’s Office had been notified by the Missouri Highway Patrol headquarters in Rolla, Missouri that the vehicle in question had been involved in a motor vehicle traffic accident in Phelps County, Missouri.  The vehicle was being driven by ANTHONY DECHOW at that time, and two other people were passengers in the vehicle.  At the time of the accident in Missouri, the owner of the vehicle had not yet discovered it was missing and it was not yet entered into NCIC as a stolen vehicle. ANTHONY DECHOW was thus not detained in Missouri at that time.

     On February 20, 2018, Sheriff’s Investigators made contact with ANTHONY DECHOW.  He stated that he had arranged through a third party to borrow the vehicle for the purpose of driving to Monee, Illinois.  He provided information as to the identity of the person who had purportedly arranged for the loan of the vehicle and where she resided.  Investigators later followed-up on this information.  The woman informed the Investigators that she had not seen ANTHONY DECHOW in several weeks, does not reside at the location he specified, and had no knowledge of any vehicle or arrangements to borrow any vehicle.

   Investigators then set about obtaining an arrest warrant for ANTHONY DECHOW.  He was arrested Monday afternoon on felony theft charges.  At the time of his arrest, a small amount of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia were found on his person. DECHOW was booked into the Detention Center on charges of:

Theft of Property – Felony
Possession of Controlled Substance (methamphetamine) – Felony
Possession of Drug Paraphernalia – Felony

     DECHOW has a bond of $25,000 and will appear in the Circuit Court to answer on March 8th.

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff