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Samuel M. Chase


     A Parolee, 42 year old SAMUEL MICKEY CHASE of Oakland, Arkansas was arrested on an outstanding felony bench warrant yesterday, April 5th, on a theft of property charge.

     Sheriff’s investigators obtained the warrant following an investigation into the theft of two inoperable vehicles and some other items that was reported on February 28, 2017.  These items  had been stolen from an address on U. S. Highway 62 East.  One of these inoperable vehicles and four rims were disposed of by SAMUEL CHASE and another person at a recycling center near Mountain Home. CHASE and the other person involved in the transaction at the recycling center were then identified as suspects.  The second inoperable vehicle has not yet been found. 

     On March 9th, the victim reported that an additional theft of a trailer had occurred from the same address on U. S. Hwy 62 East.  Witnesses identified SAMUEL CHASE and another man as having been on the premises and removed the trailer by hooking it to a vehicle and towing it away.

     A warrant was obtained for the arrest of SAMUEL CHASE, as well as a separate warrant for the arrest of the second person involved. CHASE surrendered himself to the Detention Center yesterday and has been incarcerated on charges of:

Theft of Property – Class D Felony Parole Violation – Felony

     CHASE has a bond of $5,000 on the theft charge and is being held without bond for the parole violation.  He has a court date in Circuit Court of April 27th.

     The arrest of the second suspect is anticipated.

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff