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Christie Lynn Lundholm


     A Baxter County Jail Inmate, 49 year old CHRISTIE LYNN LUNDHOLM, who was jailed on February 19th on a felony theft of property charge, now faces additional felony forgery charges.

     CHRISTIE LUNDHOLM had been implicated in the possession of counterfeit United States currency when Sheriff’s Investigators were called to a storage unit in Baxter County on February 24th.  Relatives of LUNDHOLM were at the storage unit and had been asked to clean it out at the request of LUNDHOLM.  In the process of doing so, they opened a piece of luggage that contained several counterfeit bills.  These counterfeit bills were seized and taken into evidence.  When sorted there were found to be one hundred twenty-three (123) counterfeit bills in $5, $20, and $50 denominations.   The Mountain Home Police Department indicated it had received a report that a counterfeit $50 bill had been passed at a business in Mountain Home.

     Sheriff’s Investigators also learned that counterfeit bills had been found by the McCreary County, Kentucky Sheriff’s Office at a compound where LUNDHOLM had stayed.

     CHRISTIE LYNN LUNDHOLM has been charged in Baxter County with 123 counts of Forgery, which are Class B Felonies.  She has a bond of $50,000 on these charges and will appear before the Baxter County Circuit Court to answer on March 23rd. 

     The original felony theft charge for which LUNDHOLM has been in jail for is not related to the counterfeiting and forgery charges.

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff