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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle

Man Arrested After Fight at Residence in Gassville


Joshua Shane Bermingham

On Tuesday December 13 at approximately 7:40 pm, Baxter County Deputies responded to a 911 call at 229 DuPont Lane in Gassville. The caller stated there was a fight at the residence.  When Sheriff’s Deputy Corporal Rocky Morrell arrived he found the front door of the residence open and observed broken glass and other objects strewn on the floor.

After yelling out several times with no response Corporal Morrell waked into the residence and found a male subject laying in the floor unconscious in a pool of blood. The subject has cuts and marks on his hands, face and head.  An ambulance was called and the subject was transported to Baxter Regional where he was treated and released.

A few minutes later, Deputy Sergeant Dwight Duch arrived on scene and began a search of the perimeter of the residence. Sgt. Duch found a second person behind the residence laying on the ground. This person, identified as 38 Year old Joshua Shane Bermingham of Gassville, appeared heavily intoxicated and had blood on his hands and his clothing.

The 911 caller came back to the scene and she stated that the suspect Bermingham had attacked the victim hitting him repeatedly and at one time struck him with a lamp and a wooden chair.  The caller stated she attempted to stop Bermingham but he struck her several times. She tried to call 911 from the phone in the house but Bermingham grabbed the phone from her and broke it. She fled to a neighbor’s home where she called 911.

Joshua Shane Bermingham was arrested and charged with:

Battery 2nd Degree Domestic Battery 3rd Degree Interference with Emergency Communication Public Intoxication Criminal Mischief 2nd Degree

He was booked into the Baxter County Detention Center where is currently being held on $15,000 bond pending his court date on December 15th at 1 pm.

Sheriff John Montgomery