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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle




     The Baxter County Sheriff's Office is now accepting applications for the position of Reserve Deputy Sheriff.  These are VOLUNTEER AND UNPAID positions.  Reserve Deputies serve in a support role.

     Reserve Deputies must meet ALL of the same minimum qualifications that full time certified law enforcement officers must meet, as set out by Arkansas State Law.  These minimum qualifications are outlined in detail on the employment tab of the Sheriff's Office website.

     Only those applicants who appear on paper to meet ALL of the minimum qualifications will be considered for an interview for a position as a Reserve Deputy.  A thorough background check will be conducted on any applicant being considered for a position following an interview.  You should read and review those minimum qualifications very carefully before applying.

     Applicants will attend a 100+ hour training class beginning at the end of February, 2017.  These will be evening and weekend classes.  Only applicants who can commit to attending ALL of this training should submit an application.  Reserve Deputies must donate at least eight (8) hours of their personal time per month to the Sheriff's Office and attend one (1) meeting per month in order to remain active and certified.  In addition, a minimum of sixteen (16) hours of continuing education per year will be required.

     Applications are available at the Sheriff's Administration Offices during normal business office hours.  The deadline for applying will be Friday, January 20, 2017 at 4:30 PM.

Baxter County Sheriff's Office