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Michael Paul Howard

Keturah D. Sanders


     Two Mountain Home residents were arrested Thursday afternoon, October 20th , on outstanding arrest warrants for burglary, theft, and other charges. MICHAEL PAUL HOWARD, 35 years of age, and KETURAH D. SANDERS, 32 years of age, both remain in custody in the Baxter County Detention Center.

     On August 25, 2016 the Sheriff’s Office had taken a report from a person who stated that his storage unit in Gamaliel had been broken into and various articles of property stolen.  On September 20, 2016, another victim reported that her RV 5th wheel trailer had been broken into and numerous articles of property stolen.  Two days prior to this, on September 18th, a Sheriff’s Deputy had been flagged down by a citizen who reported that a man and woman had just been seen near the RV trailer in question.  This man and woman were followed to the nearby A-1 Storage Facility at 1617 Buzzard Roost Road.  The deputy went to the storage units and made contact with the man and woman, who he identified as MICHAEL PAUL HOWARD and KETURAH D. SANDERS.  They were standing in front of an open storage unit that contained numerous articles of personal property including musical instruments, clothing, flat screen televisions, and other items.  Having no warrant and no complaint of the burglary of the 5th wheel trailer at that time, the deputy photographed the contents of the storage unit but was unable to take any further action at that time.  These photographs were submitted to the criminal investigation division.

     On October 7, 2016, the victim from the RV 5th wheel trailer came to the Sheriff’s Office.  She was shown pictures of the items in the storage unit that the deputy had photographed.  The victim positively identified several of the items as belonging to her.  On October 10, 2016, a search warrant was obtained by investigators to gain access to the storage unit.  Numerous articles of stolen property were recovered.  These items recovered were collectively valued at approximately $4,750.  Other items observed in the photographs were no longer in the storage unit at the time the warrant was served, including a guitar with case and  two large flat screen televisions sets.

     Based upon their findings, investigators obtained warrants on October 13, 2016 for the arrest of MICHAEL PAUL HOWARD and KETURAH D. SANDERS.  These warrants were served yesterday, and both HOWARD and SANDERS were taken to the detention center on these and other outstanding warrants.  Among those was a warrant obtained by the Mountain Home Police Department charging HOWARD, a Level 3 Sex Offender, with failure to comply with registration for not residing at his stated address in Mountain Home.

     MICHAEL PAUL HOWARD is charged with:

Residential Burglary – Felony
Theft of Property – Felony
Failure to Comply with Sex Offender Registration – Felony
Revocation Bench Warrant – Felony
Failure to Appear in Court (3 warrants) – Felonies

     HOWARD is being held without bond in the detention center, with an appearance scheduled in Circuit Court for October 27.

     KETURAH D. SANDERS is charged with:

Residential Burglary – Felony
Theft of Property – Felony
Failure to Appear in Court – Misdemeanor

   SANDERS is being held in lieu of $26,000 bond, with an appearance scheduled in Circuit Court for October 27.

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff