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Stephen Israel Osborne


      An inmate already in the Baxter County Detention Center on misdemeanor charges, 33 year old STEPHEN ISRAEL OSBORNE of Mountain Home, has been charged additionally with burglary and theft charges in two separate incidents.

     The first incident came to the attention of the Sheriff’s Office on March 25th when a man reported someone had entered a building on his property on Baxter CR 39 and had stolen numerous articles of personal property.  Sheriff’s Investigators later found through the LeadsOnLine database where STEPHEN OSBORNE had pawned some of the stolen articles at a pawn shop in Mountain Home.

     The second incident occurred on June 6, 2016 when a victim living on Cochran Drive in rural Mountain Home reported that someone had entered into his residence and had stolen articles of personal property, including a roll of Susan B. Anthony Dollar Coins.  Sheriff’s Investigators again later found through an online search where STEPHEN OSBORNE had sold those coins to a pawn shop in Mountain Home. 

     In addition to the original misdemeanor charges of Failure to Appear in Court that he was already jailed on, STEPHEN OSBORNE has now been charged additionally by Investigator Roger Pike with:

Residential Burglary (2 counts) – Felonies
Theft of Property (1 count) – Felony
Theft of Property (1 count) – Misdemeanor

     Bond on these new charges is $40,000, and OSBORNE will appear to answer in the Circuit Court on July 21st.

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff