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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle



Michael Scott Haddock


     The Sheriff’s Office was notified at approximately 12:20 AM this morning, May 18th, that a person was trapped underneath a vehicle and was injured at 8649 Hwy 14 in Big Flat.  The call originally went to the Stone County 911 system and was ultimately transferred to the Baxter County 911 Center. 

     Baxter County deputies, Stone County deputies, Arkansas State Police, and EMS first responders with the Big Flat Volunteer Fire Department responded to the address.  While Sheriff’s Deputies were enroute, they were notified by radio that the EMS first responders were advising that the victim was deceased and were asking that the County Coroner be dispatched.  The victim was identified as 26 year old BRANDY LYNN HONEYCUTT, who resided at that residence.

     Upon the arrival of Sheriff’s Investigators, statements were obtained from two people who were present at the scene when the incident occurred.  One witness told investigators that he was assisting the victim in changing a flat tire on the vehicle when the jack slipped and pinned the victim under the car.  Another witness, who was inside the residence, gave investigators a conflicting version of events.  Physical evidence at the scene caused investigators to believe that the victim had been struck by the vehicle and run over.

     Further investigation determined that 26 year old MICHAEL SCOTT HADDOCK, from Southaven, Mississippi, had been driving the vehicle and had run over the victim, causing her to be trapped underneath. MICHAEL HADDOCK then walked to a relative’s residence approximately one mile away to inform his relative what had happened, even though several other residences were close by from where emergency help could have been summoned. No call was placed for emergency assistance when HADDOCK arrived at the relative’s house either.  Instead, other persons in the area were notified of what had happened and went to the residence to see if they could provide assistance.    Finally, the victim’s husband, who had been asleep inside their residence, was awakened and told of what had happened.  It was only then that a call was placed to 911 for emergency medical assistance.  When the vehicle was lifted off the victim, all of the tires were found to be full inflated with no apparent defect.

    The victim was pronounced deceased by the County Coroner at 2:14 AM.  The body of the deceased is being sent to the Arkansas State Medical Examiner’s Office in Little Rock for autopsy. MICHAEL SCOTT HADDOCK, who was found to be under the influence of alcohol, was taken into custody and transported to the Sheriff’s Office.

     The Sheriff’s Office helicopter was launched this morning in order that aerial photographs of the scene could be taken.  Observations from the air suggested that HADDOCK had been operating the vehicle in a reckless manner when he ran over the victim. HADDOCK later admitted to investigators that he had consumed a significant amount of whiskey over a period of several hours prior to the incident.

     Additional interviews with witnesses and others were conducted this morning by investigators.  After conferring with the Prosecuting Attorney, MICHAEL SCOTT HADDOCK was charged with Negligent Homicide.  He was incarcerated in the Baxter County Detention Center and is being held in lieu of $100,000 bond.  HADDOCK will appear in Baxter County Circuit Court to answer on May 19th.

     The matter remains under investigation, as additional arrests are possible for obstruction of the investigation.

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff