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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle




     The Sheriff’s Office is investigating an incident reported early this morning involving a man allowing a stranger into his home with that person then assaulting and injuring the victim with a knife. The victim placed a call to the 911 center at approximately 12:50 AM today saying he had been stabbed in his home on Forest Hills Drive, East of Mountain Home, by an unknown man.

     Deputies and EMS responded.  They found the victim in the kitchen holding a rag against his wound to slow the bleeding.  The victim had a cut on his face and a puncture wound on his arm. 

     The victim told deputies that he had noticed a car parked outside his residence.  The victim walked out to the vehicle and spoke with the man in the vehicle.  The man said he was having mechanical problems and was waiting on someone to arrive to help him.  The victim invited this man into his residence to wait for assistance that was said to be coming.  They went into the kitchen area where a filet knife was on the counter.  Shortly thereafter, the victim alleges that the man picked up the filet knife, pointed it at him, and demanded that he surrender his wallet.  The victim refused, and the man then swung the knife at the victim, cutting his face.  A struggle then ensued, with the victim then receiving the puncture wound.  The man then ran from the residence, got into his vehicle, and left.  According to the victim, the assailant was inside the residence for approximately five minutes.

     The victim described the suspect as a white male, approximately 30 to 35 years of age, long brown hair, stubby facial hair, thin build, approximately 6.1 feet tall, wearing a gray shirt with blue jeans.  The assailant may have sustained injuries to his own face during the scuffle as the victim said the suspect was bleeding from his face.

     The vehicle the suspect left in was described as a dark blue passenger car with a red hood.  The make and model of the car was not confirmed, but may be an Oldsmobile. 

     The victim was transported to Baxter Regional Medical Center by ambulance for treatment of his injuries.  The knife was recovered inside the residence and taken into evidence.  Other evidence was collected as well by investigators. 

     Anyone having information concerning the identity of the suspect or information about the vehicle he was driving is asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Division or the anonymous tip line, which is (870) 424-4636.

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff