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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle



Regina Jean Colon


     A joint effort by local law enforcement agencies resulted in the arrest yesterday of 29 year old REGINA JEAN COLON of Gassville on felony drug charges.

     REGINA COLON made arrangements on July 8th through Facebook and by phone with an officer from the 14th Judicial Drug Task Force masquerading as a dealer to purchase 20 Oxycontin pills from him.  These communications were recorded.  COLON told the officer she could “flip” the pills that evening and get him the money for the pills if he fronted them to her.  This was agreed to, and the task force officer dropped off the pills by a large tree in the corner of REGINA COLON’s yard.  He then he called her and told her where they were located.  COLON was observed to find and take possession of the pills, and officers at that time placed her under arrest.   This transaction took place within 1000 feet of a foster home.

     REGINA COLON was incarcerated in the detention center in lieu of $15,000 on charges of:

Criminal Attempt to Obtain Controlled Substance for Purpose of Delivery – Felony
Unlawful Use of Communications Device – Felony
Distribution Near Certain Facilities – Felony

     She will appear in the Circuit Court on July 16th to answer these charges.

     Agencies involved in the arrest were the Baxter County Sheriff’s Office, 14th Judicial District Drug Task Force, Arkansas State Police, and Mountain Home Police Department.

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff