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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle




     As has already been reported in the local press, the Sheriff’s Office is investigating a home invasion incident that was reported at approximately 2:02 AM this morning from 155 Family Lane, which is just outside of Mountain Home off Baxter CR 53. 

     The caller told a 911 operator that she had found two men inside her home.  One of them shoved her causing her to hit her head as they fled from the residence.  The victim’s young daughter was also inside the residence.  According to the victim, the suspects were wearing ski masks and dark clothing.  She described one of them as being approximately 5-9 to 6 feet in height and weighing about 180 pounds. 

     While the victim was still on the line with the 911 operator, she looked outside and saw her vehicle burning.  Sheriff’s Deputies arrived within four minutes of the call, and fire department personnel were also dispatched. 

     Tracking dogs from the Arkansas Department of Corrections – North Central Unit were subsequently called to the scene, and the Sheriff’s Office launched its helicopter at approximately 3:45 AM to assist with searching for the suspects.  Deputies also had road blocks set up in the area.  Several articles of property that were stolen from the residence were found discarded about 50 yard from where the vehicle was burning.  These included jewelry, a purse, and a laptop computer.  These items were recovered and taken into evidence for forensic processing.

     Although an initial track was developed by the canine team, tracking in a Northerly direction to a heavily wooded area, the search for the suspects did not prove successful.  They may have made it to the highway and been picked up.  They were not located, and the tracking search was called off later in the morning.  Approximately twelve (12) deputies were involved in responding to the call and subsequent search, as were some Mountain Home Police Department officers.

     As of this time, the investigation into the incident is continuing.  The Sheriff’s Office is unable to provide any additional identifying information on the suspects at this time.  As a proactive and precautionary measure, the Sheriff’s Office is advising everyone that it would be prudent to keep their doors and windows locked on their homes, as well as locking vehicles and removing keys and valuables from them.  Any prowlers or suspicious persons seen on or about their property should be reported to law enforcement.

     If anyone has any information concerning this incident or the identification or location of the suspects, they are asked to call the Sheriff’s Office at 870-425-7000.

Baxter County Sheriff's Office