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Mark W. Bailey


A Clarkridge man, 43 year old MARK W. BAILEY, already an inmate at the Detention Center since January 25th on non-payment of child support body attachments, has now been charged additionally with a felony domestic violence charge following investigation into an incident reported to the Sheriff’s Office.

     On January 23, 2015, the Sheriff’s Office took a complaint report from the wife of MARK BAILEY.  She told Investigators that on January 21st, her husband MARK BAILEY brandished a firearm in their household and discharged the firearm three times, twice in her direction, narrowly missing her.

     The incident began when the victim heard a firearm discharge in the bedroom of the house.  On investigation, the victim found that MARK BAILEY had shot a 9mm handgun into the ceiling of the bedroom.  He then shoved her to the floor.  A short struggle ensued.  When she got back up, she said that MARK BAILEY discharged the firearm again, with the round passing by the left side of her head.  MARK BAILEY then discharged the firearm a third time, with the third round passing between the victim’s left arm and her left side.  This incident was not reported to law enforcement until two days later.  The victim noted that her 11 year old son was at the residence when the incident occurred. 

     On January 26th, Sheriff’s Investigator Scott Thrasher went to the residence to view the crime scene.  He found evidence that a firearm had been discharged inside the home to corroborate the allegations of the victim. 

     On January 27th, Investigator Thrasher interviewed jail inmate MARK BAILEY about the complaint.  During the interview, MARK BAILEY admitted to engaging in the conduct as described by the victim on the date in question.

     MARK W. BAILEY has been charged additionally by bench warrant with:

Aggravated Assault on a Family or Household Member – Felony

     Bond for this charge is $10,000, and he will appear in Circuit Court at a later time.  He continues to be held in custody for non-payment of child support.  He has also been served with an Order of Protection.

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff