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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle



Brandi Michelle Vanamberg

 UPDATE:  Sunday, 08/17/2014 at 5:30 PM:

    The woman who escaped from Sheriff's custody Saturday afternoon, BRANDI MICHELLE VANAMBERG, surrendered herself to the Baxter County Detention Center this afternoon on her outstanding arrest warrants.  She is now in custody on charges of:

Revocation of Suspended Sentence - Felony Bench Warrant
Contempt of Court - Misdemeanor Warrant

     Sheriff's Investigators will seek the filing of an Escape from Custody charge on Monday.  BRANDI VANAMBERG is currently being held without bond pending an appearance before the Circuit Court.



      The Sheriff’s Office is seeking the whereabouts of 42 year old BRANDI MICHELLE VANAMBERG who escaped from Sheriff’s Office custody this afternoon in the Whiteville area.

     A Sheriff’s Deputy made contact with a woman who identified herself as BRANDI VANAMBERG at approximately 1:00 PM today on State Highway 126 near Carson Creek.  After determining her identity, the deputy learned that BRANDI VANAMBERG had outstanding arrest warrants through the Sheriff’s Office.  One warrant was for felony revocation of a suspended sentence and the second was for misdemeanor contempt of court.

     The deputy arrested VANAMBERG on the warrants, placed her in hand-cuff restraints, and then placed her into the back of the patrol car.  VANAMBERG told the deputy that she had some personal property stored underneath the bridge over the creek and asked him to retrieve it for her.  The deputy agreed to do so and walked under the bridge to locate the items.  While he did so, VANAMBERG was able to roll down the back window of the patrol car and climb out, still in cuffs. As the deputy returned to the vehicle, he saw that VANAMBERG was gone.  Deputies believe she entered a wooded area to the West of the roadway.

     Several deputies and officers from other agencies responded to the area in an attempt to re-locate BRANDI VANAMBERG.  After searching for some time, a witness who lived nearby told deputies that he had observed a woman matching VANAMBERG’s description emerge from the woods and climb on the back of a motorcycle that had stopped to pick her up.  The motorcycle then went North on State Highway 126. 

     Deputies went on to check several residences where information indicated that VANAMBERG might have gone, but she has not been located.

     BRANDI VANAMBERG is a white female, approximately 5ft 5in tall, approximately 125 pounds, with dark hair.  She was last seen wearing blue jean shorts, white t-shirt, and grey tennis shoes, with her hair pulled back in a pony tail.  VANAMBERG is believed to be under the influence of controlled substance, but she is not known to pose a danger to anyone else.

     If anyone in the public has information as to the whereabouts of BRANDI VANAMBERG, the Sheriff’s Office would appreciate a call with the information.

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff