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Ryan James Lindsey

     The Sheriff’s Office has made an arrest in connection with a residential burglary that was reported to have occurred between August 1st and August 3rd at 5762 Highway 201 South of Mountain Home.

     Sheriff’s Deputies were dispatched to the residence on August 3rd and found that both the front door and the back door to the residence had been forced open and entry made into the home.  The victim reported several items stolen, including an Apple MacBook laptop computer. The stolen items were collectively valued at approximately $5,000. 

     During the investigation, the victim found a receipt from the Harps Supermarket in Mountain Home that had apparently been dropped or left behind by the burglar(s).  Investigators later examined video security camera footage from Harps for the date and time shown on the receipt.  From this footage, some still photographs of the persons at the store were captured and shown to the victim.  The victim identified both of the persons from her personal knowledge of them.

     On August 11th, Sheriff’s Investigators interviewed one of the suspects, a female, who admitted that she and RYAN JAMES LINDSEY had broken into the victim’s residence for the purpose of burglarizing it.  The stolen items were loaded into a GMC Yukon and transported to a residence at 1150 CR 27 in Mountain Home where they were unloaded and stored. 

     Sheriff’s Investigators and an officer with the Arkansas Department of Community Corrections went to the address on CR 27 on August 12th in an attempt to locate RYAN LINDSEY, who is on parole.  LINDSEY was found there, and officers also recovered the stolen laptop computer and other stolen items that were inside the residence. 

     RYAN JAMES LINDSEY, 21 years old of Mountain Home, was arrested and taken to the Detention Center where he was booked on the following charges:

Residential Burglary – Felony
Theft of Property – Felony
Parole Violation – Felony

     LINDSEY is being held without bond on the Parole Violation and has a bond of $25,000 on the new charges.  He will appear in the Circuit Court to answer on August 28th.

     Sheriff’s Investigators are currently in the process of obtaining a bench warrant for the arrest of the second suspect in the burglary.

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff