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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle



Brian A. Calvert

Robert L. Weaver

     Two Baxter County men have been arrested on charges of Residential Burglary and Theft of Property following investigations by the Sheriff’s Office into two separate incidents.

     On June 21, 2014, a property owner at 1002 Redbud Road in Gassville reported to the Sheriff’s Office that someone had kicked in the door on the West side of the residence to gain entry.  Fishing rods and reels were stolen along with three (3) firearms.  These were a Winchester 30-30 caliber rifle, a FIE Musketeer 30-06 rifle, and a .45 caliber Flintlock.  These items were valued collectively in excess of $700.  A neighbor witnessed a blue Chevrolet pickup truck with a silver camper shell leaving the residence. 

     Investigators searched the Leads On Line database that records pawnshop transactions and found that the three stolen firearms had been pawned in Mountain Home by BRIAN A. CALVERT.  Sheriff’s Investigators interviewed CALVERT about the burglary.  CALVERT admitted to breaking into the residence.  The investigation also resulted in the identification of a co-defendant, ROBERT WEAVER.  During an interview, WEAVER also admitted to breaking into the residence at 1002 Redbud Road.

     On June 22, 2014, the Sheriff’s Office took another burglary report from the home owner at 40 CR 8 in the rural Gassville area.  This residence had been entered into through a window on the North side of the house by climbing on top of an air conditioner.  During this burglary, two guns were stolen, which were a Savage .243 caliber rifle with scope, and a Beretta 12 gauge shotgun.  Only one of these has been recovered.  Also stolen in the burglary was a 55 inch Samsung television and a compound crossbow.  These items were collectively valued at approximately $2,300.  When ROBERT WEAVER was questioned, he also admitted to burglarizing this residence as well. 

     BRIAN CALVERT, 19 years old of Mountain Home, was incarcerated on June 24th on outstanding misdemeanor warrants.  He is now currently in the Detention Center on the following charges:

Residential Burglary – Felony
Theft of Property – Felony
Probation Violation – Misdemeanor
Contempt of Court – Misdemeanor

     CALVERT is being held in lieu of $25,000 bond on the felony charges and without bond on the probation violation charge.  He will appear in Circuit Court on July 17th.

     ROBERT LEE WEAVER, 24 year old of Gassville, has been incarcerated in the Detention Center since June 27th on the following charges:

Residential Burglary (2 counts) – Felonies
Theft of Property (2 counts) – Felonies
Probation Violation – Misdemeanor
Failure to Appear in Court – Misdemeanor
Non-Payment of Fines – Misdemeanor
Child Support Non Payment – Civil Body Attachment

     WEAVER is being held on $53,740 bond on the criminal charges, on $2,500 on the child support body attachment, and without bond on the probation violation.  He will appear in Circuit Court on July 17th.

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff