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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle



Michael David Hamilton

     The Baxter County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a disturbance and assault that took place at 136 CR 1073 in the Buford community in the early morning hours of February 9th and is looking for a suspect on felony charges in connection with the incident.

     At approximately 3:05 AM on February 9th, Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a call placed to the 911 Center from a neighbor reporting a disturbance at 136 CR 1073.  Deputies arrived on scene at approximately 3:22 AM and found the electricity off at the residence.  Upon making entry, deputies found a female locked inside a bathroom.  No other persons were inside the residence at that time.  Deputies observed damage to the residence, indicating a fight or altercation had taken place.  The electric meter had also been damaged.

     Upon speaking with this female, she related to deputies what had taken place.  According to this woman, there were a total of five persons staying at the residence, including a house guest she identified as MICHAEL HAMILTON.  During the night, HAMILTON woke the woman up and told her the power was off.  When she got up, he allegedly attacked her with a metal pipe and struck her several times before she was able to take refuge in the bathroom and lock the door.  MICHAEL HAMILTON then reportedly attacked the three other people inside the residence, being one female and two males.  One male and one female victim escaped out a window and ran into the woods.  HAMILTON allegedly gave chase, but then returned to the residence.  By the time deputies arrived, HAMILTON had fled the scene.   The second male victim, although injured, was able to drive his vehicle to the neighbor’s residence. 

     Deputies called for an ambulance from Baxter Regional Medical Center in Mountain Home.  The male victim who drove to the neighbor’s house was the most seriously injured, and he was transported by ambulance to the BRMC emergency room.  The other three victims went to the hospital by private vehicle.  The names of the victims are not being released at this time.

     The Sheriff’s Office is currently seeking the whereabouts of 34 year old MICHAEL DAVID HAMILTON, whose last known address was in Yellville, Arkansas.  Deputies tracked HAMILTON’s foot prints in the snow to a roadway where the trail stopped.  HAMILTON is believed to have fled the area that morning.  A vehicle was reported stolen to the Sheriff’s Office around 9:00 AM from a residence on nearby Baxter CR 632.  This stolen vehicle is a 2007 Red Dodge SQ3 4 door flat bed truck with a chrome brush guard and a diamond tool box, bearing Arkansas License No. 376NHF.  HAMILTON is suspected to be involved in this vehicle theft.  Sheriff’s Investigators are in the process of obtaining a felony bench warrant for his arrest on charges of felony Battery in the Second Degree and other charges.  Any persons having information as to the location of MICHAEL HAMILTON are asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office. 

     The incident is remains under active investigation, and it was noted in the report that a quantity of drugs and drug paraphernalia were found inside the house.  The filing of additional charges is probable.

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff