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Nathan Gordon Lackey

     A Yellville man, already on parole, has been charged with several additional crimes after the Sheriff’s Office received theft reports from boat owners at the Cranfield Marina on July 17th and July 19th.

     A boat owner reported to the Sheriff’s Office that someone had entered upon his boat at the marina and had cut cables and stolen batteries from the boat.  He gave an estimated replacement cost of $229.  The complaining party indicated that he believed batteries had also been stolen from other boats nearby.  The Sheriff’s Office subsequently took additional reports of stolen batteries from boats on July 19th

     Security camera video surveillance from the marina was examined.  It showed a suspect breaking a gate, entering the dock, and then entering a boat.  This suspect had a very distinguishable tattoo on the left arm, which seemed to match that of a previous jail inmate who is well known to officers.  Further investigation revealed that this suspect, identified as 33 year old Nathan Gordon Lackey, took eight (8) batteries (384 pounds) to a scrap yard in Jonesboro and sold them for $84.48 on July 27th

     Sheriff’s Investigators obtained a felony bench warrant for Nathan Lackey.  He was arrested and has been incarcerated since August 2nd on the following charges:

Breaking or Entering (3 counts) – Felonies
Criminal Mischief 2
Degree (3 counts) – Misdemeanors
Theft of Property (8 counts) – Misdemeanors

     Bond on these charges was set at $50,000.  Lackey was also charged as a habitual offender and has a no bond hold for a parole violation.  He is scheduled to appear in Circuit Court on August 15th.

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff