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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle
C.A.  Eatman
Sheriff C.A. Eatman
Term: 1892 - 1892

1835 - 1909

Clement Applewhite Eatman was born October 28, 1835 in Greene County, Alabama to Reddin and Sarah Chamblee Eatman. Little is known of his younger years while growing up in Alabama, but it is expected that he spent his boyhood as most boys do.

When the Civil War broke out, Clement enlisted in Company B of the Seventh Cavalry Regiment of Alabama as a Private, serving under Colonel Sterling A.M. Wood, Lieutenant Colonel John G. Coltart and Major A.A. Russell. He fought in several hard battles for the Confederacy being honorably discharged when the Seventh disbanded in April 1862 with the mass of the men going into other organizations, rendering efficient service therein.

On September 6, 1867, Clement married Miss Jane L. Jordan in Pickens County, Alabama. They moved to what is now the Baxter County area in 1868. When the County was formed, he was elected Circuit Clerk and served from 1873 to 1886 in that position.

When Sheriff Abraham G. Byler was killed on June 15, 1892 by Jesse Roper, Eatman was appointed to fill Byler's term serving until Samuel Livingston took office later that year.

Clement and Jane Eatman raised their family here and their son W. F. Eatman was prominent in governmental affairs himself.

Clement passed away in 1909 and is buried beside his wife in the Mountain Home Cemetery, near their children.