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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle

Sheriff Samuel Livingston

Sheriff Samuel Livingston
Sheriff Samuel Livingston
Term: 1893 - 1894

(Dates of Birth/Death are unknown)

Robert Livingston was from one of the oldest families in Baxter County.

His father, Col. Robert Livingston (C.S.A.), emigrated from Georgia as a young man and settled on the mouth of Livingston Creek near present day Norfork, Arkansas.

Col. Robert Livingston married Polly Finley and raised five children:

(1)  Robert Franklin "Casey" Livingston -Deputy Sheriff in 1892 when Sheriff Byler was killed by Jesse Roper;

(2)  Sarah Jane (Livingston) Garton;

(3)  Millie E. (Livingston) Talburt;

(4)  Fannie (Livingston) Woods; and

(5)  Robert "Samuel" Livingston - Sheriff of Baxter County

The family built several grist mills and a tanning yard to preserve fresh furs and pelts. The Livingston family experience several burglaries of their pelts and vandalisms of their vats; yet, they persevered in their business ventures. It was these experiences that inspired the two Livingston boys to become engaged with the value of the law.

Robert "Samuel" Livingston became the Sheriff of Baxter County for one term, from 1892-1894.
During Sheriff Livingston's tenure, he oversaw the following incidents:

  • January 29, 1892: The feud between the Thompson family & W. E. Rogers resulting in the death of Mr. Rogers.

  • August 30, 1893: The stabbing death of a John Harris by a Ben Sears in Gassville, Arkansas. Sheriff Livingston arrested Ben Sears in Newport, Arkansas.

  • December 18, 1893: The tragic news of robbing & murder of Hunter Wilson. Later, it was discovered Anderson Carter, Bart Carter, and Jasper Newton Montgomery were the accused.

Submitted by: Vincent S. Anderson
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