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Damage to Mallard Point Home
Damage to Mallard Point Home
Residence on Mallard Point Rd
Damage to Mallard Point Home
Damage to Mallard Point Home

In the late evening of December 15, 2008, Sheriff's Deputies responded to reports of two homes on Mallard Point Road that had been damaged by gunfire from an unknown source. Upon arrival, deputies found damage from apparent shotgun blasts to the exteriors of both homes. Some of the shotgun pellets had penetrated the walls and came into the interior of the residences. Fortunately, no injuries were sustained by the people occupying those homes.

Investigators took photographs of the damage and gathered what evidence there was, but few leads have developed to follow up on. It is unknown if these were random acts or if the homes were specifically targeted, but no motive has been determined.

If anyone has any information concerning these incidents, they are asked to contact the Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigation Division at 870-425-7000 or leave a tip on the Sheriff's tip line at 870-424-4636.

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