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Baxter County Patrol Vehicle



     The Sheriff's Office is investigating a break-in and substantial property damage that occurred at the Old Arkana Church.  The break-in was discovered about 8:20 AM Wednesday morning by the pastor of the church.

   The offenders are believed to have gained access through an unlocked downstairs door.   

     Tables and chairs were knocked over and thrown around.  There was damage to some suspended ceiling tiles in the Fellowship Hall, as well as holes in the wall.  There were several knives and other utensils strewn about the floor as well as the wall hanging being knocked off.  There was painted graffiti and remarks on the walls. 

     Two classrooms were also ransacked with tables being knocked over and papers thrown about.  Inside the sanctuary there was also a fine mist of flour on everything.  Downstairs in the game room profanities had been spray painted on the walls.  A door leading to a storage area was sealed up with foam sealant and unable to be opened.  Other rooms downstairs were also ransacked.   

     Estimates indicate approximately $15,000 in damages.  A small amount of money was taken, but the pastor did not know a specific sum. 

     Any persons having any knowledge or information concerning this break-in and vandalism are requested to contact the Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigation Division.


/s/ Sheriff John Montgomery