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Copper Thefts From Homes


Water Heater Plumbing

Wall Switch

Suspect Footprint


     The Baxter County Sheriff's Office is asking the public's help in solving two similar cases. The cases involve the theft of copper plumbing and wiring from unoccupied residences. In both cases extensive damage was done to the homes when the thieves stole the copper.

Case one:

Reported April 7, 2010. Unknown suspect(s) entered an unoccupied rental house at 8175 Highway 101, Gamaliel, Arkansas sometime between April 4th and April 6th. The suspect(s) stole copper water pipes and electrical wiring throughout the house. Pipes were cut and holes were knocked in the walls in order to steal the copper. Even though a small amount of copper was taken, an estimated $4,000 of damage was caused to the residence. Footprints and Fingerprints were collected at the scene but investigators have little else to go on.

Case two:

     Reported June 13, 2010. Unknown suspect(s) entered an unoccupied rental house at 13212 Highway 62, Henderson, Arkansas sometime between May 1st and June 13th. The suspect(s) went under the house and cut all of the copper plumbing out from under the home and also cut and took the copper from the Air Conditioner Unit. Even though only a small dollar amount of copper was taken, several thousand dollars in damage was done to the home. Investigators have not been able to develop any leads.

     Anyone that would have any information concerning either one of these two cases are asked to contact the Baxter County Sheriff's Office. Any tip or lead, no matter how small, could lead to an arrest and restituion back to the victims.

Phone: 870-425-7000
Tip Line: 870-424-INFO (4636)

Or if you want to remain anonymous, you can email the Sheriff direct at

As always, we appreciate the public's help. By partnering together we can continue to make this a great place to live and raise a family.

Sheriff John Montgomery