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Lieutenant Brad Lewis
Jail Administrator

The Baxter County Jail and Detention Center is under the leadership and direction of Lieutenant Brad Lewis, serving as Jail Administrator. In addition to Lieutenant Lewis, the Jail Division is staffed by, Sgt. Eric Neal, Cpl. Selena Johnson,  Cpl. Jamie Binnion, Cpl. Kenneth Looney, Cpl. Ryan Thompson, Jailer Tony Beck, Jailer/Matron Dawn Dunford, Jailer Craig Kocka, Jailer Jon Strout, Jailer Austin Morrison, Jailer/Matron Julie Little, Jailer/Matron Dawn Laurie, Jailer/Matron Tabitha Roberts, Jailer/Matron Jaime Skotnik, Jailer/Matron Debra Osborn, Jailer Ethan Raymond, Jailer/Matron Amber Varn, and several part time jailers.

Part Time/Fill-In Staff includes: Jailer Jailer David Phillips, Jailer Tyler Mitchell, and Jailer/Matron Amber Hamblen.    

All persons who are arrested and taken into custody are transported to the Detention Center for booking and incarceration. The Detention Center is divided into separate housing areas for low/medium security risk males, high security risk males, and female inmates, as well as isolation and temporary holding cells. The Detention Center houses both pre-trial detainees and post-conviction inmates who are serving sentences or awaiting transport to the Arkansas Department of Corrections.

The inmates do not have access to television or radio, nor are they allowed to smoke. The Detention Center has an in-house medical facility area used by the nurse practitioner.  In addition, there is a full kitchen where all meals are prepared for inmates. The kitchen is used by the “Act 309” inmates, who are state prisoners assigned to work duties in local detention facilities. With rare exception, the meals consist of oatmeal for breakfast, bologna for lunch, and beans and cornbread for dinner.   Meals are supplemented with fresh produce grown by and tended to by inmates in a vegetable garden area located outside the facility. Vegetable plants and seeds are donated by local merchants.

Each member of the Detention Center staff is required to complete a minimum of forty hours of state approved training to become certified Jailers, and continuing education and training is required. They also receive certified training in ACIC/NCIC terminal operations, Radio Dispatch Procedures, and BAC Breathalyzer operations and procedures. Many of the Jailers are also certified as Reserve Deputy Sheriffs with the department, and all of the Jail Supervisors are fully certified law enforcement officers.

When reporting for duty at the beginning of the shift, each Jailer is given a duty assignment for that shift. That assignment will be as either a Booking Officer, Control Panel Operator, or Communications Console Operator.

Booking Officer:  Responsible for the receiving and intake process for all prisoners.  This includes computer book-in, fingerprinting, photographing, searching, change-out, and housing cell block assignment.  This position is also responsible for the dispensing of prescription and non-prescription medications under the orders of the staff Nurse Practitioner, as well as handling commissary.  This Jailer also deals personally with inmates in the housing areas.

Control Panel Operator:  Responsible for electronically controlling all entrances and exit points to the facility, monitoring all security video surveillance systems, operating the intercom system, observing inmates in housing areas, communications with inmates via intercom, and for maintaining all warrants of arrest and orders of protection.

Communications Console Operator:  Responsible for answering incoming phone calls, handling radio communications with sheriff's deputies and other officers in the field, entering and maintaining accurate records in the computer aided dispatch (CAD) system, handling all inquiries and entries into the NCIC/ACIC system, and coordinating sheriff's office operations with other law enforcement agencies and the OEM.  During 2014, there were 8,071 call for service (CFS) cards generated by Jailers in the CAD system based upon complaint calls and calls for service made to the Sheriff's Office by members of the public. This position provides essential services to all Sheriff's personnel and also handles radio dispatch for the Constables.

All Jailers receive cross-training to allow them to work in any position needed.  When more than three Jailers are on duty, the remainder will work in the Booking and Housing Unit areas.

The Baxter County Detention Center operates in full compliance with guidelines set forth by the Arkansas Criminal Detention Facilities Review Committee and is routinely inspected by members of that committee.

During 2014, there were 2,943 persons booked into the Detention Center. 80% of those bookings were for misdemeanor offenses, while 20% were for felony crimes. The recidivism rate was 82% for the year. The high population count was 112 inmates, while the low population count was 60 inmates for the year. The profit to the County from Commissary sales was $33,357.14.

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Jail Sergeant
Eric Neal
Selena Johnson
Jamie Binnion

Kenneth Looney

Ryan Thompson
Dawn Laurie

Jailer Tony Beck
Jailer Ethan Raymond
Jailer/Matron Dawn Dunford

Jailer Craig Kocka


Jamie Skotnik

Jailer Jon Stout


Jailer /Matron
Tabitha Roberts

Jailer Austin Morrison


Jailer/Matron Julie Little
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Amber Varn
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Debra Osborn

Communications/Dispatch Station 
Inmate Work Detail
Trash Pick Up
Inmate Garden at
Detention Center
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