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Jeremy Thomas Farrier

     The Sheriff’s Office is notifying the public that a Level 3 (high risk to re-offend) Sex Offender has registered with the Sheriff’s Office and is residing in Baxter County. 

NAME:                       JEREMY THOMAS FARRIER

DATE OF BIRTH:   04/01/1985

ADDRESS:                4714 Old Military Road
                                    Mountain Home, Arkansas 72653

     The offender was convicted of four (4) counts of Sexual Assault in the Fourth Degree on September 28, 2011.  These offenses involved the then 26-year-old offender engaging in sexual contact with two minor female acquaintances who were 14-15 years of age, which occurred on separate dates. 

     This person is not wanted by law enforcement at this time.  This notification is not intended to increase fear; rather it is our belief that an informed public is a safer public.  This information cannot be used to threaten, intimidate, or harass Registered Sex Offenders.  Citizen abuse will not be tolerated.  Such abuse could potentially end law enforcement’s ability to do community notification.                     


     /s/ John F. Montgomery
    Baxter County Sheriff

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Michelle Lynn Wickser

Roger Frederick Wickser

     A Mountain Home couple, 55 year old MICHELLE LYNN WICKSER and 54 year old ROGER FREDERICK WICKSER, were arrested this afternoon by Sheriff’s Investigators on felony charges following the investigation into a complaint made on October 29, 2014 by the owners of the Bull Shoals Lake Resort in Lakeview.

      According to the resort owners, who are the victims, they had been out of town for several days.  Upon returning home to their resort, they discovered two people living in one of their resort cabins.  The victims did not know this couple, nor did they authorize them to be there.  According to the victims, this couple had been living in the cabin for three days.  The cabin was damaged, and wax had been poured down the kitchen sink.  The amount of rent and damage was estimated to be $1,000.  The victims were given three (3) different credit cards by the couple, each of which were declined. 

     The couple left, and a report was made to the Sheriff’s Office. 

     MICHELLE WICKSER and ROGER WICKSER were arrested by bench warrant and have each been charged with:

Commercial Burglary – Felony
Criminal Mischief in the First Degree – Misdemeanor.

     They were both booked into the Baxter County Detention Center this afternoon and were released from custody after posting $5,000 bond each.  They are scheduled to appear before the Circuit Court on December 4th.

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff

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Jesse Glenn Zurcher

     The Sheriff’s Office has arrested a 19 year old Yellville man in connection with the theft of a handgun, ammunition, and some prescription pills from a residence on Baxter CR 139 that was reported on November 18th.

     The victim told deputies that a work crew was at his residence to install flooring.  The victim noticed that one of the workers was acting suspiciously, including making several trips to the bathroom where the prescription medications were kept and adjacent to the bedroom where the handgun and ammunition were kept. 

     After the work crew left, the victim discovered the firearm, a Glock Model 22 .40 caliber handgun, to be missing from the bedroom and the prescriptions missing from the bathroom. 

     The victim contacted the owner of the business, who questioned members of the work crew.  Afterwards, the stolen handgun was turned over to the Sheriff’s Office, however the prescription medication and ammunition have not been recovered.

     The suspect, JESSE GLENN ZURCHER, was brought to the Sheriff’s Office to be interviewed about the thefts, after which he was booked into the Detention Center this morning on charges of:

Possession of Controlled Substance – Felony
Possession of Controlled Substance – Misdemeanor
Theft of Property – Felony
Theft of Property – Misdemeanor

     JESSE GLENN ZURCHER is being held in lieu of $20,000 bond, and he is scheduled to appear before the Baxter County Circuit Court on December 4th to answer the charges.

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff

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Thomas Earnest Harvey

Jeremy Lee Thorgensen

Bethany Nicole Williams

     Three people were arrested this morning when authorities conducted a probation home visit and search at 699 CR 56, the residence of THOMAS EARNEST HARVEY, at approximately 8:00 AM.

     During this search, officers found methamphetamine (approximately 1.2 grams), drug paraphernalia (syringes and smoking pipes), and firearms, all of which were seized and taken into evidence.  As a result of this search, officers arrested the following persons and transported them to the Baxter County Detention Center.

THOMAS EARNEST HARVEY, 58 years old of rural Mountain Home, charged with:

Possession of Controlled Substance – Felony
Possession of Drug Paraphernalia – Felony
Possession of Firearm by Certain Persons (convicted felon) – Felony
Possession of Defaced Firearm – Felony
Probation Violation – Felony

     Bond for THOMAS HARVEY is $50,000, and he will appear in Circuit Court on December 4th.

JEREMY LEE THORGENSEN, 36 years old of rural Mountain Home, charged with:

Possession of Controlled Substance – Felony

     Bond for JEREMY THORGENSEN is $5,000, and he will appear in Circuit Court on December 4th.

BETHANY NICOLE WILLIAMS, 25 years old of rural Mountain Home, charged with:

Possession of Drug Paraphernalia – Felony
Probation Violation – Felony

     Bond for BETHANY WILLIAMS is $2,500, and she will also appear in Circuit Court on December 4th.  In addition to the drug paraphernalia found during the search of the residence, BETHANY WILLIAMS was also found to be in possession of a methamphetamine smoking pipe when searched at the detention center.

     Agencies participating in the search and arrests were the Sheriff’s Office, Mountain Home Police, and Arkansas Department of Community Corrections.

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff

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Amos Joseph Duquette

     A rural Mountain Home man, 52 year old AMOS JOSEPH DUQUETTE, has been arrested by the Sheriff’s Office on charges related a burglary reported on October 26, 2014 at a residence in rural Mountain Home.

     During this burglary, numerous items were stolen including a 2002 Chevrolet S-10 pickup truck, 50 feet of copper wire, a 42 inch Panasonic television, and a wooden jewelry box containing assorted jewelry, among other items.

     Sheriff’s Investigator Lt. Terry Johnson made an inquiry into the Leads On Line database to check for pawnshop entries matching any of these items.  He found through this investigative tool that the 42 inch Panasonic TV, valued at $1,000, had been pawned by AMOS JOSEPH DUQUETTE.  DUQUETTE was asked to come to the Sheriff’s Office for questioning.   AMOS DUQUETTE gave conflicting accounts of how he had come into possession of the stolen television, eventually telling Sheriff’s Investigators that he bought the television and some tools from an unknown man for $300.  He also admitted he knew the items were stolen at the time he purchased them.

     A search warrant was obtained to search DUQUETTE’s residence.  During the search, Sheriff’s Investigators also found a 1995 Polaris 40 Magnum all- terrain vehicle, valued at $1,500, that was stolen from a business in Marion County approximately two weeks ago.

     AMOS JOSEPH DUQUETT was arrested on November 19th and booked into the Detention Center.  He is currently being held in lieu of $50,000 bond on charges of:

Theft by Receiving (2 counts) – Felonies

He has also been charged as an Habitual Offender due to his past criminal convictions, which would provide for an enhanced penalty if he is convicted of these new charges.

     DUQUETT will appear in Circuit Court at a later date.

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff

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Sheriff's Office participating in "Click It or Ticket" for over Thanksgiving holiday period

     The Baxter County Sheriff’s Office is joining forces with other state and local law enforcement officers over the 2014 Thanksgiving holiday.  The unified effort is directed toward seat belt law violators. 

   The “Click It or Ticket” enforcement campaign during the holiday period begins November 24th and continues through November 30th. 

   The Thanksgiving holiday is among the busiest of travel periods both in Arkansas and across the nation.  Sheriff’s Deputies will be working overtime to ensure the highways and streets are safe by strictly enforcing the laws, including the Arkansas mandatory seat belt law. 

   There were 301 traffic deaths nationally during the 2012 Thanksgiving reporting period.  Sixty percent of the passenger vehicle occupants who died were not wearing seat belts.  In Arkansas, during the same holiday reporting period, ten people lost their lives and 201 people were injured. 

   According to estimates from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), during calendar year 2012 seat belts saved more than 12,000 lives nationwide. 

  Whether you’re driving across the state or across town, wearing your seat belt is one of the best ways to ensure you arrive at your destination safely. 

   For more information on the Click It or Ticket campaign, visit www.TrafficSafetyMarketing.gov or contact the Arkansas Highway Safety Office at (501) 618-8136.

Baxter County Sheriff's Office
Mountain Home, Arkansas

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Matthew Travis Sebree

     A Mountain Home man, 25 year old MATTHEW TRAVIS SEBREE, was arrested on November 14th on an outstanding bench warrant for theft of a motor vehicle. 

     The Sheriff’s Office had taken a report on January 24, 2014 from a woman in Norfork stating that her son’s vehicle, a 1996 Ford Explorer valued at approximately $2,500, had been taken from her residence without her son’s permission. 

     MATTHEW TRAVIS SEBREE was identified by the victim as a suspect in the incident, and the vehicle was entered at stolen in the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database.  On January 27, 2014, the vehicle was located by the Arkansas State Police and recovered for the victim.  Sheriff’s Investigators obtained a bench warrant for the arrest of MATTHEW SEBREE on January 29, 2014, which had been outstanding and unserved since then. 

     On November 14th, SEBREE was apprehended by Arkansas Community Corrections Officers on a parole violation and was then served with the outstanding theft warrant.

     MATTHEW TRAVIS SEBREE remains in the Baxter County Detention Center in lieu of $10,815 bond on outstanding warrants and without bond on the parole violation.  His charges are:

Theft of Property – Felony Warrant
Parole Violation – Felony Warrant
Failure to Appear in Court – Misdemeanor Warrant
Contempt of Court – Misdemeanor Warrant

     SEBREE will appear in the Circuit Court to answer on November 20th.

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff

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Misty Skiver

Ashley Dawn Tharp

     Two women were arrested on Wednesday, October 29th, on charges related to Furnishing Prohibited Articles (drugs and drug paraphernalia) after Jailers observed one of them passing items to the other while seated on the bench in the booking area of the Detention Center.

     One of the women, 27 year old MISTY SKIVER of Gassville, had been arrested by the Mountain Home Police Department on an outstanding misdemeanor warrant for Failure to Appear in court.  She had been taken to the Detention Center and was awaiting the booking process.  The second woman, 30 year old ASHLEY DAWNTHARP of Jordan, had been arrested by the Arkansas State Police on outstanding warrants and traffic violations.  She had also been brought to the Detention Center for booking.

     While both prisoners were sitting on the bench in the booking area, a Jailer observed ASHLEY THARP pass an item to MISTY SKIVER.  A Jail Matron was called to booking and conducted a strip search of both prisoners.  During this search, MISTY SKIVER was found to have in her possession marijuana, a smoking pipe, two spoons, and two syringes, one of which was filled with an unknown substance.  All of these items were seized and taken into evidence.

     Subsequent viewing of the video surveillance system shows THARP passing several items to SKIVER while they were seated on the bench.  A Sheriff’s Investigator is obtaining bench warrants on both for Furnishing Prohibited Articles.

     ASHLEY DAWN THARP is charged with:

Furnishing Prohibited Articles – Felony
Failure to Appear – Misdemeanor Warrant
Obstructing Governmental Operations – Misdemeanor
Driving While License Suspended – Misdemeanor
Fictitious Vehicle License – Misdemeanor
Child Support Non-Payment Body Attachment – Civil Writ

    THARP has a bond on all charges of $17,940 and will appear in Circuit Court and District Court next month.

     MISTY SKIVER is charged with:

Furnishing Prohibited Articles – Felony
Failure to Appear – Misdemeanor Warrant

     SKIVER was released on $15,770 bond pending an appearance in court next month.

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff

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Joshua M. Callaway

     A rural Mountain Home man, 24 year old JOSHUA M. CALLAWAY, surrendered himself to the Sheriff’s Office Thursday afternoon after learning that authorities were searching for him on an outstanding warrant from the State of Texas.  The felony warrant was for a Probation Violation on an original charge involving the assault of an elderly person.  CALLAWAY absconded from Texas in July, 2014 and came to Arkansas.

     The United States Marshal’s Service contacted the Sheriff’s Office asking for assistance in locating JOSHUA CALLAWAY.  A Deputy Marshal and a Deputy from the Sheriff’s Office went to a Mountain Home business where CALLAWAY works in an attempt to locate him.  He was not there.

     Deputies then followed a vehicle associated with JOSHUA CALLAWAY and made contact with the driver in Mountain Home.  JOSHUA CALLAWAY was not in the vehicle, however the driver was able to assist in contacting CALLAWAY and arranging for him to come to the Sheriff’s Office on the warrant.

     JOSHUA CALLAWAY is currently being held in the Detention Center awaiting extradition to the State of Texas.

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff


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Charges Filed Against Mountain Home Man For Assaulting Sheriff's Deputies

Gilbert James Ballman

On 10-29-14 at approximately 7 pm, Baxter County Sheriff's Deputies Robert Recktenwald and Sgt. Doug Meurer were dispatched to 64 Buck or Two Lane in reference to an unwanted person at the residence. The caller stated her son was intoxicated and would not leave.

Upon arrival Deputies made contact with the subject, Gilbert James Ballman,  outside the residence. After speaking with Ballman, Sgt. Meurer contacted his District Court Probation Officer and it was learned that Ballman was in violation of his probation.  Sgt. Meurer was advised to take Ballman into custody on a probation violation.

Ballman was then asked to step to the back of a patrol car and advised he was under arrest for probation violation. Ballman became combative striking Sgt. Meurer in the face with his fist and striking Deputy Recktenwald in the eye before being Tased by Sgt. Meurer with his Taser. Ballman was then handcuffed and transported to the Baxter County Detention Center without further incident.

Gilbert James Ballman, age 29 of Cotter, was charged with Probation Violation, Resisting Arrest, and Battery 2nd Degree (two counts). Ballman’s bond was set at $25,000 for Resisting Arrest and the two counts of Felony Battery 2nd on a Police Officer. He is being held without bond on the Probation Violation.

Both Deputies injuries consisted of scrapes and bruises and they did not seek medical attention.

Sheriff John Montgomery

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