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Misty Skiver

Ashley Dawn Tharp

     Two women were arrested on Wednesday, October 29th, on charges related to Furnishing Prohibited Articles (drugs and drug paraphernalia) after Jailers observed one of them passing items to the other while seated on the bench in the booking area of the Detention Center.

     One of the women, 27 year old MISTY SKIVER of Gassville, had been arrested by the Mountain Home Police Department on an outstanding misdemeanor warrant for Failure to Appear in court.  She had been taken to the Detention Center and was awaiting the booking process.  The second woman, 30 year old ASHLEY DAWNTHARP of Jordan, had been arrested by the Arkansas State Police on outstanding warrants and traffic violations.  She had also been brought to the Detention Center for booking.

     While both prisoners were sitting on the bench in the booking area, a Jailer observed ASHLEY THARP pass an item to MISTY SKIVER.  A Jail Matron was called to booking and conducted a strip search of both prisoners.  During this search, MISTY SKIVER was found to have in her possession marijuana, a smoking pipe, two spoons, and two syringes, one of which was filled with an unknown substance.  All of these items were seized and taken into evidence.

     Subsequent viewing of the video surveillance system shows THARP passing several items to SKIVER while they were seated on the bench.  A Sheriff’s Investigator is obtaining bench warrants on both for Furnishing Prohibited Articles.

     ASHLEY DAWN THARP is charged with:

Furnishing Prohibited Articles – Felony
Failure to Appear – Misdemeanor Warrant
Obstructing Governmental Operations – Misdemeanor
Driving While License Suspended – Misdemeanor
Fictitious Vehicle License – Misdemeanor
Child Support Non-Payment Body Attachment – Civil Writ

    THARP has a bond on all charges of $17,940 and will appear in Circuit Court and District Court next month.

     MISTY SKIVER is charged with:

Furnishing Prohibited Articles – Felony
Failure to Appear – Misdemeanor Warrant

     SKIVER was released on $15,770 bond pending an appearance in court next month.

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff

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Joshua M. Callaway

     A rural Mountain Home man, 24 year old JOSHUA M. CALLAWAY, surrendered himself to the Sheriff’s Office Thursday afternoon after learning that authorities were searching for him on an outstanding warrant from the State of Texas.  The felony warrant was for a Probation Violation on an original charge involving the assault of an elderly person.  CALLAWAY absconded from Texas in July, 2014 and came to Arkansas.

     The United States Marshal’s Service contacted the Sheriff’s Office asking for assistance in locating JOSHUA CALLAWAY.  A Deputy Marshal and a Deputy from the Sheriff’s Office went to a Mountain Home business where CALLAWAY works in an attempt to locate him.  He was not there.

     Deputies then followed a vehicle associated with JOSHUA CALLAWAY and made contact with the driver in Mountain Home.  JOSHUA CALLAWAY was not in the vehicle, however the driver was able to assist in contacting CALLAWAY and arranging for him to come to the Sheriff’s Office on the warrant.

     JOSHUA CALLAWAY is currently being held in the Detention Center awaiting extradition to the State of Texas.

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff


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Charges Filed Against Mountain Home Man For Assaulting Sheriff's Deputies

Gilbert James Ballman

On 10-29-14 at approximately 7 pm, Baxter County Sheriff's Deputies Robert Recktenwald and Sgt. Doug Meurer were dispatched to 64 Buck or Two Lane in reference to an unwanted person at the residence. The caller stated her son was intoxicated and would not leave.

Upon arrival Deputies made contact with the subject, Gilbert James Ballman,  outside the residence. After speaking with Ballman, Sgt. Meurer contacted his District Court Probation Officer and it was learned that Ballman was in violation of his probation.  Sgt. Meurer was advised to take Ballman into custody on a probation violation.

Ballman was then asked to step to the back of a patrol car and advised he was under arrest for probation violation. Ballman became combative striking Sgt. Meurer in the face with his fist and striking Deputy Recktenwald in the eye before being Tased by Sgt. Meurer with his Taser. Ballman was then handcuffed and transported to the Baxter County Detention Center without further incident.

Gilbert James Ballman, age 29 of Cotter, was charged with Probation Violation, Resisting Arrest, and Battery 2nd Degree (two counts). Ballman’s bond was set at $25,000 for Resisting Arrest and the two counts of Felony Battery 2nd on a Police Officer. He is being held without bond on the Probation Violation.

Both Deputies injuries consisted of scrapes and bruises and they did not seek medical attention.

Sheriff John Montgomery

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Sex Offender Location for Halloween Safety

In an effort to assist parents in keeping our kids safe this Halloween, the Baxter County Sheriff’s Office is publishing a list of sex offender’s names and addresses in Baxter County. The list includes risk levels 2, 3 and 4 that allow for public notification.  Currently there is not a law in Arkansas that prohibits sex offenders from participating in Halloween festivities.  This information is not meant create apprehension or fear rather we believe an informed public is a safer public. More information can be obtained on our website, www.baxtercountysheriff.com under the Sex Offender Tab.

Mountain Home

Risk Level

3              Anderson, Ralph              1724 Brentwood Drive   Mountain Home

2              Corrao,Nicholas               508 Ascension Drive        Mountain Home

2              Baglin,   Gregory Lee       764 Circle Drive                 Mountain Home

2              Dorosz,Reginald               1302 East 9th Street        Mountain Home

2              Henson, Debra                  261 West 2nd Street       Mountain Home

3              Howard, Michael              1115 Meadowcrest Drive    Mountain Home

3              Lear, Robert                       359 East 7th Street          Mountain Home

2              Lopez,   Eduardo               145 South main Street Apt 107   Mountain Home

2              McDaniel, Earl                   1147 Leonard Drive         Mountain Home

3              Mravlag, Gary                    610 East 7th Street #2    Mountain Home

2              Rocco, James                     1309 Hallmark Circle        Mountain Home



2              Baker, Kevin Wayne                       149 CR 947                        Lakeview

3              Martin,Jimmie Lee                         4215 Hwy. 178 W., #6     Lakeview

2              Worcester, Bruce Kenneth          55 Eastgate Drive             Lakeview


3              Hardy,   Brian Lee                             51 Bickford Lane              Gassville

2              Hunt, Brandon Elliott                      6854 Hwy 62 West #1    Gassville

3              Lynn, Samuel Edward                     36 Honeydew Ln              Gassville

3              Patteson, Eddie Wayne                 64 CR 889                           Gassville

3              Penner, Mitchell Ryan                   285 CR 1159                      Gassville

3              Rayburn (Rayborn), Gregory Doyle  2140 Hwy. 126 N.        Gassville

2              Uren, Bradley Thomas                   126 Swaying Oak Drive   Gassville


Norfork/Jordan/Calico Rock

3              Greer,   Calvin Lee                            141 Hodge Springs Rd.   Norfork

2              Greer,   Vince Dwayne                   1430 Sheid Rd                    Norfork

3              Partee, Shawn Michael                 568 CR 204                           Norfork

2              Jones,Joseph William Jr.            142 Yellow Pine Trail       Jordan

N/A        Bailey,Jeffrey Dean                      72 E. Fork Trail                   Calico Rock


4              Floyd, Charles Wade                       243 Highway 177 South  Salesville


3              Deinzer, John S. (Jack)                   6468 Hwy. 5 North #4                     Midway

3              Hurst, Robert Eugene                    34 Sweet Fern Ln.                            Midway

2              Havens, Harvey  Turner                 1281 Hwy 178 West                         Midway

2              Johnson, Joseph Ludwig                1106 Hwy. 178 West                        Midway

4              Shelton, William Claude                188 Country Life Place                    Midway

3              Smith, Darrell Shane                       188 CR 900                                        Midway


Clarkridge Area

3              Harris, Jeffrey John                         257 Chriswood Dr.           Clarkridge

3              Yeatman II, Lloyd Curtis                 97 CR 476                          Clarkridge

2              Aldridge, Steven David                  265 Maple Leaf Trail        Mountain Home

3              Cruse,   John Kirby                           70 L&L Ranch Rd.              Mountain Home



3              Woodsmall, Jr., Danny Allen        54 CR 876             Henderson

2              Kotlowski, Stephen Michael        10601 #1 Hwy 62E            Henderson

2              Jeremiah, Craig Alan                       875 CR 139                           Elizabeth



2              Storz, James Daniel                         164 CR 810           Gamaliel


Briarcliff Area

3              Soeken, Eric Lynn                             4025 Sycamore Springs Rd.          Mountain Home

2              Wuellner, Joseph Patrick              3758 Sycamore Springs Rd            Mountain Home

3              Mullin, Shane Michael                   18 N Sunrise Heights Circle          Mountain Home

3              Prentiss,  Bart Lee                             80 Back Forty Trail                        Mountain Home

Rural Baxter County

Hwy 201 North

2              Lynch, William Sean                        710 Northpointe Dr.        Mountain Home

3              Maples, Jimmy Dale                        7777 Hwy 201 N                Mountain Home

Hwy 62 West

2              Boutwell, Michael Anthony         3551 Hwy 62 W # B          Mountain Home


Hwy 201 South

2              Toth,  Michael Stephen                 7723 Hwy. 201 South      Mountain Home

2              Seymour, Joey Lee                          240 Seymour Lane           Mountain Home

Hwy 5 South

2              Dudgeon,  Loretta Gayle               8592 Hwy 5 South            Mountain Home

2              Mabry, Curtis Edward                    5506 Hwy 5 South            Mountain Home

3              Hohn, Jason Paul                              3230 Hwy 5 South            Mountain Home

Hwy 62 East

2              Cheever, Theodore                        502 Pioneer Trail #2         Mountain Home

2              DeMoulpied, Barry John               1240 CR 30                           Mountain Home

2              Stow, Gerald Leroy                         149 Lake Lane                    Mountain Home

3              Love, Charles Richard                     119 CR 995                           Mountain Home

2              Smith, Joseph Paul                          239 Buzzard Roost Cutoff             Mountain Home

The persons listed above are not wanted by law enforcement at this time.  This notification is not intended to increase fear; rather it is our belief that an informed public is a safer public.  This information cannot be used to threaten, intimidate, or harass Registered Sex Offenders.  Citizen abuse will not be tolerated.  Such abuse could potentially end law enforcement’s ability to do community notification.

Sheriff John Montgomery        

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     With Halloween almost upon us, the Sheriff's Office would like to offer the following advice and safety tips for those who will be out in the neighborhoods trick-or-treating on Friday evening.

 Children out trick-or-treating should stay on the sidewalk or path when walking from house to house.  If there is no sidewalk, walk beside the road facing traffic so oncoming traffic can be seen.

Wear flame retardant costumes.

Apply reflective tape to costumes.

Make sure costumes are not too long so they don't present a trip hazard.

It is unsafe to wear masks that significantly block or impair normal vision.

Carry a flashlight with fresh batteries after dark.

It is best to trick or treat in groups or with an adult.

Never enter a house unless you know the people.

Most homes participating in trick-or-treating will have the porch light on.  Avoid homes that are dark.

Watch for trip hazards in yards, driveways, and walkways, such as extension cords, props, and decorations.

Do not eat any candy until it has been inspected by the parents.

If children are trick-or-treating without adult supervision, the parents should know the routes and neighborhoods the children will be taking and walking in.

It is not safe to cross the roadway from between parked cars or other obstacles.  It is much safer to cross at intersections, crosswalks, or street corners.

Motorists should drive slow when in residential neighborhoods and carefully watch for children in the street or crossing the street.

Any suspicious activity or incidents should be immediately reported to your local law enforcement agency.

All of us at the Sheriff's Office hope everyone participating has a safe and fun Halloween this year.

Baxter County Sheriff's Office

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Joshua Craig Thompson

     A Mountain Home man, 25 year old JOSHUA CRAIG THOMPSON, has been arrested by the Sheriff’s Office following an investigation into the theft of 16 foot trailer containing twenty (20) mobile home axles from Jackson Mobile Home Service that was reported October 9th. 

     A suspect was named by the victim and the suspect was located later the same day in Yellville, Arkansas in possession of the stolen trailer.  The stolen axles were not found.  The value of the trailer was approximately $1,000, while the axles were valued at $500.

     Sheriff’s Investigators applied for an arrest warrant for JOSHUA CRAIG THOMPSON.  He was incarcerated in the Baxter County Detention Center Tuesday evening, October 14th, on charges of:

Theft of Property – Felony
Criminal Trespass – Misdemeanor

     THOMPSON is currently being held in lieu of $2,500 bond, and he will appear in the Baxter County Circuit Court on October 23rd.

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff


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     The Sheriff’s Office was notified of a telephone scam that is now active in the area.  Someone is telephoning customers of North Arkansas Electric Cooperative (NAEC) from a number in the Dallas, Texas area having the area code 915.

     The caller informs the NAEC customer that their account is past due and will be disconnected unless the customer pays over the phone by credit card. 

     The Sheriff’s Office has confirmed with the local NAEC office that these calls are scams and attempts to defraud.  NAEC does not make calls asking customers to settle accounts over the phone by credit card. 

    Any person receiving a telephone call of this kind is strongly encouraged not to verify any information or release any credit card information or other personal identifying information over the telephone.  NAEC customers may call the Mountain Home NAEC Office at (870) 425-2141 to make inquiries about their account if they have any questions.

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff

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Timmy Wayne Gann

     The Sheriff’s Office has arrested 45 year old TIMMY WAYNE GANN of rural Mountain Home on a felony charge of Aggravated Assault after deputies responded to a disturbance call early Sunday evening.

     At approximately 5:30 PM Sunday, Sheriff’s Corporal Kristofer Savino was dispatched to 41 Glenbriar Place for a 911 call reporting a man being assaulted by another man with a baseball bat. 

     Upon arrival at the scene, Corporal Savino found a bloodied male victim and called for an ambulance and emergency medical personnel.  An eyewitness told Corporal Savino that a suspect, found to be TIMMY WAYNE GANN, had pulled up at the victim’s residence in a blue Ford Ranger pickup, then go out with a baseball bat, approached the victim, and then began fighting with the victim, including striking him with the bat.  The victim was alert but had sustained injuries to his head and upper body.  The victim was transported to Baxter Regional Medical Center for treatment of his injuries.

     Corporal Savino took TIMMY GANN into custody at the scene.  The baseball bat was found near GANN’s vehicle and taken into evidence.  Statements from various parties indicated the dispute between GANN and his victim had something to do with the outcome of a football game. 

     TIMMY WAYNE GANN was transported to the Baxter County Detention Center.  He was booked on one felony charge of Aggravated Assault.  He is being held in lieu of $10,000 bond, and he will appear in Circuit Court to answer on October 16th.

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Jail

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Jason Biddle

Cheri Roberson

     Two persons were arrested this afternoon on charges related to an attempt to smuggle controlled substances into the Baxter County Detention Center.

     Earlier this week, the Sheriff’s Office received intelligence information indicating that drugs and contraband would be dropped at a location in Mountain Home where jail inmates would be taken to perform community service type work.  Jail staff later found recorded calls between a jail inmate and a female on the outside that spoke of the plans to drop the contraband at the work site.

     On October 9th, surveillance video cameras were set up by the Sheriff’s Office at the anticipated drop location.  This morning, investigators went to the location and found three separate packages that had been concealed in rubber gloves and hidden behind shelving outside of the work location.  At approximately 11:35 AM today, the jail inmate work crew of three inmates arrived at the work location.  Jail Inmate JASON BIDDLE was observed to reach down and pick up the concealed items and place them in his jacket.  At this point, investigators approached BIDDLE and placed him under arrest.

     Investigators recovered the three packages.  They were found to contain tobacco, a lighter, approximately 2 grams of marijuana, and five Diazepam pills. 

     Following the arrest of JASON BIDDLE, investigators located the female who made the drop on camera, who was identified as CHERI ROBERSON. 

     CHERI ROBERSON, 41 years old of rural Mountain Home, and Jail inmate JASON MICHAEL BIDDLE, 28 years old of rural Mountain Home, who was already incarcerated on a parole violation, are facing additional charges of:

Furnishing Prohibited Articles – Class B Felony
Unlawful Use of Communication Device – Class C Felony
Possession of Controlled Substance (Marijuan) – Class A Misdemeanor
Possession of Controlled Substance (Diazepam) – Class A Misdemeanor

     Bond on these new charges is $25,000 each, and both will appear in Circuit Court to answer later this month.  BIDDLE also remains in custody without bond on the prior parole violation.

     Agencies involved in the investigation and arrests are the Sheriff’s Office, 14th Judicial Drug Task Force, and the Mountain Home Police.

/s/ John F. Montgomery,
Baxter County Sheriff


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Shawn Michael Partee

     The Sheriff’s Office is notifying the public that a Level 3 (high risk to re-offend) Sex Offender has registered with the Sheriff’s Office and is residing in Baxter County. 

NAME:                       SHAWN MICHAEL PARTEE

DATE OF BIRTH:   02/28/1979 

ADDRESS:                568 CR 204
                                    Norfork, Arkansas 72658

     The offender was convicted of Sexual Indecency with a Child and Unlawful Use of a Communication Device on 11/13/2013.  These offenses involved the offender meeting a 14 year old female at a basketball game, after which he began texting her sexually explicit messages and arranged to meet her for sexual activity.

     This person is not wanted by law enforcement at this time.  This notification is not intended to increase fear; rather it is our belief that an informed public is a safer public.  This information cannot be used to threaten, intimidate, or harass Registered Sex Offenders.  Citizen abuse will not be tolerated.  Such abuse could potentially end law enforcement’s ability to do community notification.                                


     /s/ John F. Montgomery
    Baxter County Sheriff


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